6:35 PM, Friday, July 6th, 2012:
Man, what am I doin'? Another Fuelband entry? I don't even do two entries on legitimately cool things that happen in my life, and I'm RE-pimping a product? Well, truthfully, I'm not. I'm kinda callin' out the makers of the product to realize what they have and take over the world already.
Does that make sense? Nike is blowin' it on their promotion of this product. They're relegating it to all the other athletic gear that no one but athletes care about when for all intents and purposes this is just a 21st century watch that tracks time and activity. And it does it so simply, so well and so subtlely that within a week of owning it you will start thinking of life like this:
625 points - 15 mins jogging
475 points - 15 mins shooting hoops
425 points - 15 mins rollerblading
375 points - 15 mins of Dance Central Kinect
250 points - 15 mins walking
200 points - 10 mins sweeping the house
100 points - 100 jumping jacks
075 points - 5 minute shower
075 points - making the bed
050 points - game of Fruit Ninja Kinect
050 points - brushing your teeth
Now, name me an athlete that gives a shit about that. And the reason you come up with all of those numbers? You're trying to fit activity into your life in whatever free time you have. Often it's at the end of the day trying to hit your goal before midnight. Which is probably THE most eye-opening thing about the product:
Who walks at 11:30? Who powerwalks in circles around their house with their dogs minutes before midnight? When would you ever be doing jumping jacks at 11:45? Whether you mean to or not, at some point you will inevitably be just below your goal with 45 minutes left in the day and find yourself doing all sorts of active things to achieve your goal and keep your streak going. This, is not, for athletes. This is for everyone else. They need to market this thing in different colors, styles - they need to license the technology to OTHER watch companies so people have a fuelpoint metric in their jewelry. Make it as commonplace as having the date on your watch along with the time. This is revolutionary, this is life changing, and even Nike doesn't seem to grasp that. Remarkably it's just another athletic gadget along with all their other gadgets.
So Nike, I beg you. Think outside your own box. You've set-up the infrastructure with the fuelband site and all the geeky fun with graphs and achievements and motivators...
...now you just need to get a spokesperson that ISN'T AN ATHLETE (like the guy typing) and turn this into a gadget for "everyone".
Do that? And you will have invented an everyday metric for the human race. This is a big deal.