8:02 PM, Thursday, July 5th, 2012:
I'll be the first to admit I am just not a fan of baseball. It's just one of those sports that I feel peaked circa 1955. I respect the stats (I tend to be a fan of, ahem, counting things) and I love that 100+ years later 90 feet between bases has never changed. There's a perfection to it that I absolutely tip my hat to. But in my mind, technology has made it incomplete. It's a game without a clock in a 21st century that is lightening fast. But hey, Talya's mom got tickets for a game on the 4th of July, and it seemed my patriotic duty to: eat a hot dog, drink a beer, watch a baseball game (against the Reds making it a perfect red, white & blue), and enjoy the fireworks afterwards. And here's a minute of that:
 And, yeah, uhm - it was fun. I think. I mean, you can't beat the seats...
...but. I just don't feel it. I mean, I really tried. I am in Los Angeles for life. I got the shirt and hat dawg...
...but if I never go to another baseball game again, I will have no idea. In 40 years you could say to me:  "Can you believe the last baseball game you went to was in 2012?" and I would reply: "What the hell is baseball." I just do not care.
I do however like baseball hats and will wear the hell out of it. I like my city. I generally like the people that like baseball so I will root for the Dodgers in spirit. I'd watch a world series game. <shrug> Well, I'd have it on.
And usually it's really fun to go TO the game. And I dug my beer, dug the Dodger dog (feminine side coming out: 2 Dodger Dogs are 820 calories withOUT condiments? How the hell?), and when the game was done we watched the fireworks (they have some new firework thingees that are cool) and you know what I kept thinking the whole time? "Man this shit will be a lot more fun with kids." Like, I've done it all. I want to see it through a 4 year-old's eyes, ya know? I want to think up new and imaginative things for my kids to experience so I can watch them smile. 'Cause I'm kinda bored of thrilling myself. Is this common? Is is a dad thing? Weird.
I guess more than anything I just don't like baseball. I like football and I love basketball. There is more drama in the last 5-10 minutes of a basketball game than all sports combined to me. More opportunites for incredible moments and there's just a handful of guys, as close to the crowd as possible and every night their legacies are on the line. And there's a CLOCK. The whole concept of "last second ____" is alive and well in basketball and football thanks to the modern technology of TIME. Heh.
Anyway, I had fun last night just 'cause I was with good people. And when you have good company you'd go anywhere. Even a baseball game.