11:44 AM, Saturday, June 30th, 2012:
Man, I don't want to waste an entry on this. I was gonna do a nice big entry when I hit my goal next month with a little parody picture of this goofy thing from 2001:
It would only be 40 pounds lost this time - but it's still the same end result. But no, I have to stop 10 pounds away from this goal and hold a mirror up to everybody. Look at this thread:
Props to Greg for that pic - made me laugh. The thread at this point is expected and didn't warrant an entry. But then it continued...
You know, maybe it's because I'm used to NO ONE reading The Journey, but I don't remember this type of judgement in 2001 when I was 150 (I'm 160 right now). Judgement goes both ways, imagine the thread at 185?
"Careful! You're gonna be as fat as me!"
"nice, but I think you'd be looking ill with another 10 up"
"Too fat."
"Is this a Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull thing?"
"10 more? No way. You look great. More would be TOO fat."
LOL - that's actually really funny when you reverse it. And a lot of the comments are indeed just a "poking fun" way of congratulating me on the weight loss and I did take them with a grain of salt. Like, in this entry's video:
Clearly, several of those comments are attached to legitimate "way to go" comments and I just picked the ones that fit the theme. But there's a bigger issue at hand and it's really getting bad in this country...
I am presently 5' 9.25" and getting shorter. :-) Like it or not, your spine does indeed compress over time and although I was once 5' 10", and for the past 10 years 5' 9.5"... Measuring now I've lost yet another 1/8 of an inch. Gravity is a bitch. LOL. And truthfully, I probably never actually hit 5' 10" 20 years ago I just thought it sounded better. :-) So here is the healthy BMI range for my height:
BMI: 18.6 - 19.0 - 19.5 - 20.0 - 20.5 - 21.0 - 21.5 - 22.0 - 22.5 - 23.0 - 23.5 - 24.0 - 24.5 - 24.9
LBS: 126 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 150 - - - - - - - - - - 160 - - - - - - - - - 169
Like it or not, 160 (though perfectly healthy) is on the high end of the scale. My goal of 150 is not too thin. It's pretty much dead-center on the healthy scale, with "dead center" being 147.5. The BMI scale is a fairly generous range taking into account your bone structure and the only time it's "off" is if you're a muscle-bound athlete. But do understand this: muscle-bound athletes are indeed overweight. Shaq's heart doesn't give a fuck that he was in the NBA. The weight of his body is absolutely a strain on his heart. He can do amazing things with his weight, but so could Chris Farley. I don't lift weights. I do push-ups for muscle tone, but I don't want bulk. I want to be healthy. I want to have a low fat percentage. Healthy fat percentage for a man my age is 8% to 19%. I'm at 16% now, so on the high end of healthy, but when I hit 150 pounds? I'll be around 13%. Again, damn near DEAD CENTER.
The truth is, though, pictures lie. Take this one, me at 170:
Does that guy look 20 pounds overweight to you? That's a 25 BMI and 20% body fat. Black kicks ass doesn't it. My face is also lengthening in my old age and even my longer hair adds to looking thin. But the truth behind that picture? I am TWENTY POUNDS heavy. And don't for a second think this is a "Hollywood" thing. If I was trying to be actor thin? I would be 135 pounds. You sit in enough audition rooms and you realize that REALLY quick. When I saw Shia Lebouf at Coffee Bean a few years back and thought it was a homeless man who hadn't eaten in a week I understood that far too well. Thankfully that's never been my game. This is about being healthy for my kid and my family. Oh and on THAT FUCKING TOPIC...
"hey dude..most first time fathers gain sympathy weight with their wives..."
This person didn't come right out and say it, but I'm not naive to the implication. I was aware of it the day I started to lose weight: I'm selfish. Most caring men gain sympathy weight which makes your pregnant wife feel better. The truth is, Talya is thrilled that I'm getting in shape. I have serious food issues, Talya doesn't. I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks in April (180 to 190) and we both ate the SAME THING. My body wants desperately to be heavy and if I didn't start fighting it right now? We would be in a helluva place once the baby is here. Talya is a pilates instructor. Being healthy and fit is a part of how she makes a living. Me being healthy while she tries to get the baby weight off is going to mean THE WORLD to her. I knew that. If I was 190 when she was 3 months pregnant... can you imagine what October would look like? Holy shit guys. This is incredibly important to both of us and for our child. And it's not an "attraction" thing. I've been with every single body type in the world - and "healthy" and "attractive" are not the same thing to me. Adele is attractive, she is not healthy and soome of the most unattractive women on the planet have a healthy BMI...
...but nothing beats the feeling of being active and healthy. And our spectrum has moved in this country. All these cries that the BMI scale is "outdated". Why, because 2 in 3 Americans are overweight? Because 1 in 3 are OBESE? So now, me being on the high end of "healthy" and wanting to be in the middle of "healthy" makes me too thin? (sigh). I truly do fear for the next 20-30 years. Michelle Obama tries to help kids get more fit and she gets bullied from the right because she's "telling people what to do" and infringing on their "freedom". Uhm, ya know what infringes on your freedom? 50 extra pounds. Yeah, how dare the government demand restaurants provide calories. Information. God Forbid.
Anyway, don't want to get political, I did that last entry, I just wanted to tell everyone to calm the fuck down. In about a month I will get butt naked and show you all that I am in no way too thin. Underweight people can't do the amount of push-ups I can do.