3:49 PM, Friday, June 22nd, 2012:
So much for my OKC prediction huh? Wow. LeBron dominates and wins a ring. Ya know he's still younger than Jordan was when Jordan won his first title. People forget that. Some of the random thoughts I had while shooting hoops today...
I'm not writing this to jump back on the LeBron bandwagon. If anything, the last few weeks has been a justification of why we all followed him so closely at the beginning. Why our imaginations were limitless because it was like the Basketball Gods combined Magic & Michael together and created an absolute beast of a human being with talent never-before-seen in one person. He's on his hometown team to boot? He seems to enjoy passing and getting his teammates involved more than scoring... yet can still drop 50 on you in the blink of an eye? Just, wow...
...and then he folded. One night he would take over a game, the next night it was as if he decided not to take over the game. He seemed averse to leading. 4th quarter meltdown after 4th quarter meltdown. What the hell? Wait, he's a Pippen not a Jordan? Huh? Could he possibly be this mature physically and THAT immature mentally?
And then of course the PR nightmare of a TV show to announce you're shitting on your hometown (I was fine with him leaving Cleveland, just not like that) - but even worse? He chooses to join up with someone who is already a champion to get his ring. Uhm. What the hell is this? Every 80s & 90s NBA legend was floored. You BEAT your adversaries. Jordan beat Thomas, he beat Magic, he beat Drexler, he beat Barkley, he beat Malone. Duh.
So it brings you to last year and yet another horrible performance by LeBron in the finals, with even Wade yelling at him in games: WHO ARE YOU? Where is the LeBron who was here the first 3 quarters? You're a BULL - go drive the lane and get fouled and win this already. He didn't get it. Imaginations still soar at the possibilities if he ever did figure it all out, but alas - he's still a head-case.
He figured it out.
And to the rest of the NBA? As I said in the video, you'd better hope he wants to retire and play football or some shit in a couple years because if he really has figured out what he's capable of? Oh my fuck. That "not one, not two, not three..." speech is gonna look awfully prophetic. The man gets "Wilt" numbers in 2012. He gets "Russel" stat-lines 50 years later. That's how head & shoulders dominant he is over the rest of the league. It's why we have all been ripping our hair out watching him the past 10 years! GET ANGRY LEBRON. GET that Kobe stare. GET that Jordan "RIP YOUR THROAT OUT BEFORE I EVER LOSE TO YOU" mentality and you will rule for a decade. If you don't think he's going to 10 championships (he's been to 3 now) before he's said and done, you're out of your mind. Now that he put it together? Now that he realizes where he belongs? Now that he tasted the ring BECAUSE he overpowered everything in his way? I think the sleeping giant got a bullhorn to the noggin' and we're about to see another mega-dynasty. He's 27. So what changed?
Game 6, Eastern Conference Finals against Boston... in Boston. Elimination game and that man had the Kobe/Jordan stare. The whole game. He looked like he would Darth Vader choke you if you came near him. 45/15/5 - numbers not seen in the playoffs in 50 years. They were not losing that game. Not a chance in hell. He simply figured it out. He's #1, Wade is #2 and Wade accepted that. Here we are. Every single year for the next TEN YEARS, it will be a race to knock off the King. It sucks he couldn't do it in his hometown (I don't think he's played his last game for Cleveland though - call me crazy stranger things have happened in sports), but he's there now. Everyone had 9 years to grab their rings before he put all the pieces together. Hope you got yours...
...or he could be one and done like Dirk. LMFAO. What the hell do I know? I'd love a Durant/LeBron tit-for-tat ala Bird/Magic. I just have this feeling though... time will tell.