2:27 PM, Monday, June 11th, 2012:
Seems like I could do a weekly "Randoms" entry with all that goes on in the world... but I'm just too damn busy. ;)
1) If I were a blogger...
You know, I often wonder what it'd be like to pick a niche and run with it. Be a political blogger and go at it with full force. I honestly wonder if I could even do it? Especially now. I'm so focused on family and Talya I barely care about my own opinions. The Journey is, of course, not really a blog in the sense of what that term morphed into. I'm just documenting my life like a book. Started about 13 years ago and it turned into my therapy. Who knew. It will never be followed like most blogs because the window is so narrow but it will mean something to my kids. Strange being the first and longest running video blogger and freely admitting it matters only to those who know me. But that's kind of how art is - you just do it. You just breathe it. You look back later and judge it or try and market it. I've given up on both of those for about 3 years now. ;) No surprise that I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. Duh.
2) Holy Horse Fly Batman
Seriously, what the hell is this?
It's funny, now that we have no holes in our windows? TONS of flies. It's so annoying. They get in from an open door and then are completely fucked because all their old "outs" are gone. And I don't know what the hell that video is of... but it's pretty crazy.
3) Back-burner Journey
I uploaded that super-fly video nearly 2 weeks ago and am just now getting around to making the entry. That's how hard it has been to keep this going right now. It certainly makes you wonder how this project will progress with kids. I'm gonna have to start focusing more on career simply so I have a better focus for The Journey or I will lose myself all together. The Journey is my accountability for life. For who I'm supposed to be. If left to my own devices? I'll throw everything into my relationship with Talya and my children. Without a doubt. It's where my heart goes automatically. It would also be wrong. I have too many talents and too many gifts to ignore them. I want to be an inspiration to my kids as a human being not just as "Dad". We'll see what The Journey becomes, but yeah, it's been hard as hell to even remember to keep this up. Crazy to say in year 13.
Although, I have to say, I love construction videos. I adore seeing the changes from what was before. I look back on August 2004 often (building the guesthouse) with pride and it's such a sign of the times. I also think of my kids looking at what they've been accustomed to their whole life, and seeing how it transformed before they even existed. And not to feed Vienna's ego anymore, but ALLLLLLL of this is because of her. Ha. Sure am glad though. Lovin' how things are turning out. Doghouse entry next. Pretty awesome.
5) NBA Finals
SPEAKING of pretty awesome, tomorrow the Finals start and I can't remember the last time I was this excited. The Durant/LeBron matchup is one for the ages. It's reminiscent of the Jordan Finals when he was clearly going up against one other superstar. Jordan/Magic, Jordan/Barkley, Jordan/Malone. Yes there are other stars, but with Wade fadin' like he has, this is clearly LeBron's team, and although OKC is loaded with talent - this is clearly Durant's team. And the biggest irony now is that LeBron is in the exact same situation he was in in Cleveland: not enough help. He took the pussiest move joining the already champion Wade... only to find out, Wade isn't himself. He's either injured or just prematurely aging, but Wade is simply no longer a Top 10 player. I would argue OKC's guard OFF THE BENCH, could be traded with Wade (Harden) and contribute more. And because of that? OKC is winning this. I'll be PC and say they win it in 6, but this could be 4 or 5. And <shakes head>, I actually am starting (just barely starting) to feel bad for LeBron. Not too bad though. Karma is a nasty, nasty bitch. How long until LeBron tries to force a trade to OKC?
If you didn't like this season of Mad Men, I have no idea why you watch TV. And if you don't understand how much this country changed from 1960-1970 I suggest you read some books or some documentaries. Mad Men has been, and always will be, a show about women leveling the playing field. From the pilot episode, you could see the entire arc of the series. Everyone thought it was "Sexist" show when in fact it was simply reporting the times as they were. It's mid-1967 now and we are smack dab in the midst of the revolution. The only one not changing is Don and that's exactly the point. People expecting him to go through a growth in this series clearly never watched The Sopranos. Don is Tony and they try desperately to hold onto what they controlled at the beginning. They can't. And in the evolution from 1960 to 1970? Don will be a dinosaur. If he's even alive in the 70's and 80's it will be sad. Incredibly sad. He will be an alien in those decades. Incapable of adapting. This season was impeccable in showing that bridge. The final two seasons may surpass The Sopranos as my favorite tv series of all time. Here's hopin'. ;) And just because I can...
There's a picture I took of Jon Hamm eating a bagel with cream cheese and lox and playing Words with Friends on his iPhone.
7) Politics - ugh.
It's so obvious what's happening that it's boring to even talk about anymore. The GOP have done exactly what they said they would do in 2010:  Do everything possible to keep Obama a one-term president. The governors slashed their jobs to destroy the unemployment rate and the congress blocked every possible move to help the economy. It has now slowed to a crawl after an stunningly positive reversal when Obama came into office. Period. There isn't even a grey area. People that don't do their homework and figure that out? Deserve a President Romney. Seriously. I look at it as an outsider at this point. If this country is that goofy? It'll be a curious piece of entertainment to watch on my TV. And socially? Are you serious? How far behind other civilized countries do we have to become? I've been to other countries that are far more advanced and I will have no problem moving there (although California does seem like another country in comparison). Birth control? LMFAO. Don't the rednecks see it's just how rich people control... YOU? You think rich families don't have their daughters on BIRTH CONTROL? LOL. They want poor people OFF birth control to keep them OUT of their way. A teen pregnancy destroys your ability to beat the RICH PEOPLE to the good JOBS and placement in the GOOD SCHOOLS. A permanent underclass. And they're TELLING YOU THEY'RE DOING IT. Hahahaha. And you defend it because Obama is a SOCIALIST? REALLY? He's a mid-90s republican! Use your BRAINS. Oh wait, you didn't go to college. (sigh) And the cycle continues. Stupid is as stupid does.
8) Uh-Oh
So I ran for over an hour three days ago (about 6 1/2 miles) and, uhm, actually enjoyed the first half. Yes, it seems, I'm becoming that guy. Now, the end was horrible, I wanted to kill myself the whole time. But the first, 3 miles or so? I was hoppin' around. Runnin' all over the valley looking at window sills (figuring out what to do with ours) and having a nice brisk jog. I'm still only running every other day (can't believe the weight comes off at the same pace at only every other day - WTF) to save my knees long-term and certainly won't run that long for several weeks... but I've never enjoyed running 3 miles... ever. I mean, never. I've done it before. Hell I ran nearly 10 miles for over 90 minutes back in 2010 but then hurt my knee so bad I couldn't run for 6 months. And I didn't enjoy even a SECOND of it. This time though, I actually was that asshole. That happy, bouncy jogging asshole. I can't believe it. The next run however it went back to sucking ass the whole time. So maybe this was just one of those weird times where I was OK. Who knows. Cool watching your body change though. Not the weight, actually being able to change what you can accomplish over a period of time. Good shit. I should be "Breaking 160" later this month for the first time in 3 years. Can't wait.
And I can't wait to get out of this Randoms Entry so I can keep working on the house. (sigh). What a weird summer this is going to be...