1:40 PM, Sunday, May 27th, 2012:
I had just finished my run yesterday and was sitting in my backyard when I smelled smoke. I looked up and saw smoke coming over my house and I ran through it thinking something inside was on fire. Went to the front and saw that it was the next street over... and it was big. I immediately called Talya who was on a walk and started running towards the fire contemplating just what I was prepared to do when I saw I was hardly the first person on the scene. The street was filled with people watching this. All you could really do was watch...
It's an iPhone world.
Watching it all you can't help but think of just how quickly everything changes. I don't think anyone was home at the time, so they're just gonna come home to a whole lot of nothing. It was contained pretty quickly so that's good... but it all changes so fast. Life, death... and more than anything? What you think matters is re-prioritzed in an instant. The ever-blossoming buddhist in me thinks it's one of the best days in your life. When you lose your possessions and realize what actually matters. It's why I'm grateful on a daily basis of what I have in my life and spend most of my days trying to get RID of my things, not attain more. My Journey videos are probably my most prized possession and they're not even tangible. They're virtual memories that exist everywhere.
As the smoke got worse Talya and I realized we had to get the dogs out of the house. The wind was directly taking the smoke to our yard. We ran home and got the pups out of there and walked around for a bit. Then we had to rush to get ready to go to a wedding. Whew. In between the ceremony and the reception I saw a posting from Cassi on Facebook about her calling 911 because a kid just jumped into a lake and hasn't come up. We all watched in semi-real time in the thread as the paremedics come and it ends up he died. Boom. Cassi talks about holding her kid extra tight while watching it all (yes, Smiley Girl has a kid) and it just hits you in the stomach:  in an instant. Appreciate your life yet?
However, to end the day...
Vinnie & Ellie - May 26, 2012
...and one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to us: "I feel as happy today as you guys looked at your wedding." Awwwww. Warms my heart. Happy people around happy people. I'm so glad they felt the love on our wedding day 5 months ago. Just such a sweet and considerate thing to say to someone on their wedding day. They of course looked stunning and overjoyed as well. I couldn't be happier for them. Now comes the fun part: BABIES.