9:28 PM, Monday, May 14th, 2012:
Very exciting day for us...
And the story of the name is so "us"...
About a week after we found at Talya was pregnant we were sitting on the deck with her mom and we mentioned a few names and I said Vienna, thinking of Billy Joel's song. Talya liked it... I threw in Lynn as an homage to my mother... and that was it. It may have been 3 minutes total. We looked at each other and said, that's it. The "Vi" reminded me of my grandmother "Viola", and Vienna could be shortened to "Vi" and days later I realized it actually had my other grandmother's name and Talya's mother's name in it as well. It was perfect. And it really came to us in 3 minutes (I had never heard of a girl having that name, have since found a few but very rare) and we just said "Ok."
Her mother went:  "Wait, you're done?"
We moved onto boy names (guess we have a while until we announce that - though it's kinda hidden in an entry video this year) and the same thing. We agreed immediately and never talked of it again. Vienna Lynne falls off your tongue the same way Mandolin does. I just adore the name. It was always right, it was instantly right and I cannot wait to meet her. We did get a closer idea of what she'll look like today...

I bet when she's born and we compare the two it'll be pretty freaky. Right now it just looks like "baby". And from other angles her arms and legs are all doin' great. That isn't a goiter poppin' out of her neck or anything. 100% healthy and all the measurements are on course for 19 weeks. Due date has been the week of October 7th all along, and we're still on track. And now that they could bump the percentage from 80% to 99.99% that it was a girl we were able to announce the name, and of course...

...I had to grab viennalynne.com. I'll most likely just make it a feed for all the entries/videos that have to do with her so if anyone wants to see baby stuff, they don't have to slog through the entire journey. I have some reservations about it, privacy-wise, but I'm just going to have to take each moment as it comes and choose how protective to be. Hell even that one ultrasound picture from a couple entries back weirded me out a bit. Again, cross those bridges as they come up. Right now it's just an incredibly happy and joyous moment to announce the name and get used to talking about her.
I gotta tell you guys, this feels like an out-of-body experience sometimes. What happened to my life? How did I go from the darkest days in mid-2010 to such a series of unending joyful moments? Romantically it's fun to think it's recompense for juuuuuuuust how hard the previous 10 years of my life were, but in reality? I'm miraculously fortunate. Both Talya and I are in awe at our good fortune on a daily basis. And when people warn of all the "tough times" ahead, I honestly have to laugh. I consider this such a privilege that I look forward to the sleepless nights and the fun/funny videos THAT will produce. You know? Life's a JOURNEY. These are all incredibly colorful chapters and moments to capture and Talya and I actually MADE a new character. MADE HER. Not sure that will ever stop being so hard to process. I think that's what 20 straight years of baby-less sex does to you. So accustomed to it being a fleeting moment (albeit wonderful in and of itself)... that it really takes a lot of head scratching to connect what happened.
So, Ms. Vienna: Welcome to The Journey. I hope you like your theme.