9:14 PM, Friday, May 11th, 2012:
So the baby needed windows for THAT room... and I guess Mama needs windows in the rest of the house. So, here ya go...
To be clear, Talya didn't demand this... it was just time. "Mama Needs Windows" was just a play on Entry #1232's "Baby Needs Windows". And clearly, this house is over 60 years old (as were those windows) and they were an absolute mess. Windows are actually fairly easy to start with. Finishing the inside and outside however, is quite a mess. One I will inevitably get help with to do the final stucco.
So life is, well, pretty perfect. I wonder sometimes if people think I'm trying to convince readers that I'm happier than I am because I say it SO MUCH and I honestly don't know what else to say. LOL. I think my past record of having NO PROBLEM telling everyone when life sucked ass should prove that I don't sugar coat on this site. There honest-to-goodness is nothing even remotely "moderate" about my life the past 18 months. It's been, perfect. Peaceful. I was warned when Talya was pregnant that it would pull us apart, what's supposed to be beautiful and loving really pulls couples apart and they have to really work hard to keep things together... uhm, no. Not even in the least. Are we just really lucky? I mean we must be a little bit to have found each other so randomly, but our personalities are such an effortless match we rarely even think about it. We're both quite a bit more focused on her family and the friends and loved ones around us going through tough times. Focused on the baby (announce the name on Monday!!!!) and we generally just giggle and smile at our good fortune. Haven't seen an inkling of youth lost on her part (I lost mine a decade ago-lol), not really even any fear about whether we'll be good parents... I mean, it's all been done before, ya know? We're not re-inventing the wheel, we're just getting to enjoy the ride. It is without question the happiest period of my life (after a stunningly wonderful 2011) and I adore having the focus of a baby on re-doing the whole house. I cannot say it enough, I thought this would never happen so I am elated. Never known this type of joy. Bring on the sleepless nights!!!
After the window and a couple minor things, I will be undertaking a bathroom/kitchen for the guesthouse so the tenant won't have to come into the house to use the bathroom (with a baby sleeping). That, to put it mildly, might be the hardest one-man construction project I've ever tackled. It might make for boring videos, but I'm simply documenting "The Journey". It's a bit domestic recently. However...
...the weight is coming off right on schedule - incredibly, while only working out every other day! WHAT THE FUCK? I've simply run 5k every other day and, well, I guess all this house remodeling stuff is active, but to think all those times I did a diet/workout regime I did 30 minutes on a bike EVERY DAY. I'm exactly on course at 1200 calories a day and only running 5k every other day. I'll hit 174.0 on Monday. <shrugs> I thought it was supposed to be harder as you got older? Well (knock, knock, knock) I'm not complaining. I haven't had this much focus and determination for anything in nearly 3 years. It feels wonderful.
We. Are having. A baby. Amazing.