2:37 PM, Monday, April 23rd, 2012:
Hello Journey. I feel like I've taken you off for a lot longer than 10 days, but nope - that's it. It has however been a really long time since this wasn't a huge conspiracy to hide the baby and I had to do this in a vacuum. I'm however always filming, always thinking interms of "The Story" and it feels good to sit down and catch you up. Is that a randoms entry? I guess it is. Ugh. Those are a lot of work. Then again, you don't always have to do 10+. This isn't a race, if it were you won just by being the longest.
1) Calming Second
OK, so we're not totally out of the woods yet, but after 24-7 nausea, the entrance into the 2nd trimester has been tons better. It's like 24-3 now. The bad days are still bad and everyday is with a complete lack of energy, but nothing like the first 3 months. Good lordy. Talya was even able to walk to Starbucks and back (little over a mile round trip) without stopping. She was in bed the rest of the day after that, but that was a banner day for her. Remember, this is the skinny, energetic, hiked Machu Picchu in Peru by herself for the "fuck of it", pilates instructor... so this lack of movement is killing her. But we're on our way up. YAY.
2) Calming Husband
You know what's really nice? Just knowing we're gonna have a baby and it to be old hat to say it. I mean, the excitement was nice too... but I've never liked the "high" times as much as the "progress" times. Does that make since? Like, when I got "Up & Adam" on CBS - I loved the hell out of the weekend telling everyone and being so goddamn excited I couldn't sleep... but the real connection came in the month afterwards that I studied late night TV like I was studying for the BAR. It sunk in, I started working out the time clock of my show, that's the fun part. And that's where we are now with "the baby". It's now "the baby's room", we're getting rid of all sorts of shit and I'm working on stuff around the house. We're in the midst of the real fun and I'm loving the hell out of it...
3) Windows!
And then you have this...
Work on the nursery officially begins. The thinnest windows you have ever seen in your life (from 1949) are finally being replaced with new ones. And, in fact, the entire house is getting done. It's a lot of work, but the cost of doing it yourself is so incredibly cheap you can't beat it. Of course the openings for the windows are also from 1949 which means buying smaller windows and reframing it... ugh, but specially sized windows are $500+ and regular windows are about $120. Duh. I don't mind the work.
4) Wait, why was this a Randoms entry?
I don't want to talk about any other shit right now. LOL. The rest of the world (politics/sports, etc) can wait while I take care of Talya, work on the house and diet and exercise... although that will most definitely be my next entry. Holy SHIT have I given myself an uphill battle for this one.