10:16 AM, Thursday, April 12th, 2012:
I have nearly 10 minutes of video of this window view on my harddrive and I could've stood there for an hour. I know I'm weird here, so I edited the hell out of this video...
Weird, right? I'm still confused at why the hell I thought this was appropriate for a Journey video. I guarantee the majority of you are looking at the screen thinking "why, the hell, am I still watching this." and then you stopped. <shrugs> It looks really cool in HD on my 10 footer.
So yeah, we're pretty sure it's a girl. All thanks to this picture:
It was really hard to get my phone in there, but I'm glad I got this Instagram shot. :)
Alright so the ultrasound technology is now so good that it's embarrassingly graphic, right? Like I shared this pic of the ultrasound and then thought... "wait, is this wrong?". I mean, it never in a million years occurred to me that an ULTRASOUND of a 14 week old fetus could be considered graphic, but that's borderline. And again, for those trying to understand what you're looking at... since it's headin' south, that's female. If it was pointing up it would be male. Remarkable to watch this develop. Next ultrasound is May 14th, in which we will announce her name. YAY!
So we're back in LA and Talya is still super-sick. Poor girl. Trying to help as much as possible, but all you can really do is wait for things to pass. They eventually do. I've been keeping busy, cleaning, working, running and dieting. Have a job lead as an loan officer again, but I have a friend (dude I went skydiving with) working there for a couple weeks before I  go down that road. Hopefully it's legit. It was a bad scene when I left in 2006. I couldn't do it.
And there you go. Oh and the baby doesn't have down syndrome. Heh. Not that there's much of a risk with Talya being 27, but it's nice to hear the doctors say everything is normal and healthy. We're through the initial worries of the first trimester and now we hopefully get to enjoy a drama free second trimester before all the worries begin again in the third trimester. <rolls eyes>. Just gotta face it, for the next 20 years we will be worried about something when it comes to the baby. :-)
What a wonderful sentence to write.