2:07 PM, Monday, April 2nd, 2012:
Somehow, some of you still thought this was all a big rouse. Even though I was clear last year that I was done with April Fools Day entries (didn't even have an entry last year), even though we said at the wedding "LET'S. MAKE. BABIES.", even though TWO MONTHS of entries and videos were unlocked with ultrasound videos and things that I cannot fathom how I could've faked... a few of you "weren't buying it"
So, no surprise, it was true. And honestly, most of you knew. The news broke at midnight and as people jumped on Facebook in the morning (the young ones of course) the chatter started. By the time people got to our announcement party it was a B-Line to me: "Was that true on Facebook?". And yes, it was. Everyone was elated, everyone was happy and unfortunately Talya could barely be a part of it. The first half she spent inside lying down, and when she could participate it was very sweetly and quietly. Everyone understood of course. And because of Jess & Jeff and my Uncle Tim and his family? IT WAS BABY-FEST!!! Enjoy...
That's a mid-80s instrumental my father wrote that represents a time period I feel like I'm in. Thus the beard, thus the embracing of all things "dad". It isn't completely me, but I'm enjoying the comfort. It will soon go back to being active, having a trimmed goatee, etc. but goddamn am I loving this.
I joked on Facebook that this was a future Journey pic from 2014. It's wonderful to look at that picture and imagine... and of course even more wonderful that Jess & Jeff brough Zoe to the party. We're all well past the "showing everybody we're ok with things" stage into "we actually like each other and wish we lived closer" stage. We all just kind of fit. Easy-going people who genuinely care about each other. Come to think of it, I've known Jeff for nearly 6 years now. It just kinda is. And Zoe's just a joy. Looking forward to dinner with them later this week.
Alright, Talya is still feelin' rough so I'm gonna go tend to that. Everyone in Columbus I don't get to see? Please understand why. I just don't feel comfortable leaving her alone even though her mother is here to help out.
I'll do a randoms entry at the end of the trip to wrap everything up. Yay babies.