12:01 AM, Sunday, April 1st, 2012:
FINALLY. 2 months of locked entries, and we can finally announce that we're having a baby. However, WE are not pregnant, SHE is and I think that piece of political correctness is insane. Maybe it's my inner-black woman, but whenever I hear the saying "we're pregnant" I hear a black lady saying "You ain't pushin this baby out!". I'm a strange boy...
...but a madly in love, madly excited, can't stop rubbing the tiniest baby bump ever and giggling like a schoolgirl. So I wrote a song. Duh.
:) So huge exhale, today marks the beginning of the 2nd trimester and we no longer have to hide our excitement...
...and for me? That means 15 locked entries, a dozen locked videos and practically a LIFETIME of storytelling. I have never locked so much and am so bummed that so many things will never be seen because it's so much at once. So I have to take this entry and just make sure you get the good stuff. First of course being the full video of how we found out. A more precious video has never graced this site and I am sooooooooo glad I can finally show everyone...
Goddamn, I still cry everytime. That "I believe" music is just magical to me. It will make me cry when I'm 80. I have to be the luckiest man on the planet. Seriously. Oh and I was able to ask Chevy Chase if he had any advice, and here's that bizarre video.
The entry is the last one in February. Unfortunately the full "Community" entry and video will be held back until the season finale on Ken Jeong's request. He's been incredibly cool with me (strangely we've been facebook friends for 3 years) but asked that I wait because even the tiniest detail gleamed from the video and pics may give away a subtle plotline and he can't wait to surprise the fans. That cast is as in love with their fans as their fans are with that cast. It's awesome. So expect that entry in May. :-)
Oh and in case you don't hit any of the entries last month (PLEASE DO) you gotta see this pic:
That little baby is SMILING. That picture is at 11 weeks (we're at 13 today). So exciting. But I've written all this in the preceding entries so please, even if it takes awhile - try and catch all of February and March. This is a huge moment in my life, absolutely the biggest, absolutely the happiest, and I chronicled every moment. There can't be a more appreciative father on the planet. We are so giddy it's sickening (literally for Talya - check the entries).
As I've said previously in the locked entries, I will try to not let this take over the entirety of The Journey and focus on the changes I'm going through as opposed to chronicling every friggin' movement of this child. It'll be a tough balance, but I know how boring baby pics become on Facebook after awhile and I want to try and show a different side. I think I've done that with some of the entries so far and I hope to continue...
...but believe me, I want that ultrasound picture in my WALLET and want to show it to every single person I meet. We've known for 2 months and it's still the coolest shit and most exciting news EVER.
As well, there's a bunch of now unlocked entries/videos that had nothing to do with the baby... but because I mentioned the baby in them? They had to be locked too. I decided not to censor myself while writing them because it's the truth: I think about that kid constantly. The "Attempted Justice" entry where I was on a jury is especially cool because so many people I know never make it to an actual case. Really interesting and unique story for the site.
Alright, now that you're through all that... did you notice the date? April Fools Day? Did I get you again? Or are we having a baby?