entry locked until 04.01.12
1:45 PM, Friday, March 30th, 2012
So close. Almost there. No, I'm not pining to get to Columbus as much as I'm pining to finallllllllly unlock the last two months. Holy shit. This has been KILLING me. Sunday is the start of the 2nd trimester and, wonderfully, also April Fools' Day. Gotta love that. :-)
Now most of our friends and family know, that's not the issue. No, the issue to me is that when an entry is locked? The feelings are as well. It makes me a bit stir-crazy in my noggin' to have soooooooooo many entries only to myself. Sharing them makes me instantly feel understood. Locking them means that anyone reading or following ths story doesn't really know me. And these past 2 months have been the most "Character Changing" of my life. So having no one read that? After over 12 years of sharing? Whew. Let's just say I'm really ready for it to be April.
And yeah, so is Talya. This is Talya's visit to The Mall in DC. (sigh) Whatever I'm feeling neurotically, Talya is feeling physically. She's the worst case of 1st trimester nausea I've heard of. My friend Chad asked if we had taken classes yet, and I'm like:  "She can't move dude." It's a good thing she hasn't had to work. The few times she has worked during this period? She puked. All movement causes nausea and it's all day and night... then goes away mysteriously for a bit in which we try to accomplish a few things. But again, there aren't enough benches in the world to help this and considering? She's done quite well. Yesterday however, was the worst in a long time. She wasn't really happy with me or Karen... and we weren't really happy with her. LOL. We were quite a trio.
I feel bad because Karen and I are most certainly "I'm FINE" people. In '03, Shizzle smashed my finger in the door, nearly broke it, ripped off my nail, blood everywhere and while Jess lost her shit I just kinda ran around in circles in the backyard laughing saying "it's kinda hot, need ice cubes" and giggling as Shizzle ran with me. It's a sign of stupid guy-pride for me to see just how much pain I can be in without anyone knowing. Talya doesn't need to be that stupid and to be honest? If I was nauseous for 2 months? I'd probably want to KILL someone. So the whole thing just sucks because we have one day to DC and it was today. As well, her mom hasn't spent the 24-7 I have with her and takes it kinda personally when Talya is short. I on the other hand am an old pro when it comes to this and I smile and keep sipping my coffee. Oh yes, there's always coffee nearby. HAHAHA. And because it's sooooooooooo out of character for her? You just rub her tummy, say "I love you" and agree with her that, yes, I did do this to her. I like to add:  "And it was FUN!" They LOVE that.
Saw the sites, and check out this badass shot:
It's funny, our Instagram and Facebook feeds are all the identical things taken from a different perspective. I won the "Lincoln" picture contest between us. :-) And there's a new attraction (weird thing to say about DC) since I was here in '09:
Really cool. I had no idea that he was a chunk out of the little mountain like that. Ended the DC video with that. Gotta love that new string update for Garageband. :-)
I've been to DC so many times so I kinda wanted to capture something different than I have in the other entries. I like static shots of random shit. I'm in a weird mood. Maybe it's the beard. Oh and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. They're pink.
Yup. Uhm. Can you tell I really, really, really just want to get to the next entry? Ha. So does Talya. Please let this month of unending sickness pass . I've read that some women have it until the middle of the SECOND trimester. God I hope that doesn't happen. Talya needs a break. Thankfully we're on our way to Ohio now and it will be far less hectic. She'll truly be able to lay in bed all day and it will make no difference. Oh and one more pic before the big announcement entry:
Who. Seriously. Who? How do you rationalize the space on your sign? I know I'm a bit of a techno-geek, but I can't even imagine how expensive it would be to buy film and get it developed now. Then what, scan it into your computer to share with your friends? Huh? Film has become so inconvenient for the common person and now even professionals have little reason. What you can do post-production wise looks so much like film, I mean jesus - that picture above is from my phone. That's incedible. I have to assume these signs will be coming down within 2 years.
OK. I DID IT! TALYA MADE IT! We're in a Bob Evans! One more hour to go until Columbus. One more sentence until the announcement! No, one more. No, one more. No... one more!