entry and video blacked out until 04.01.12
3:41 PM, Friday, March 23rd, 2012:
I just promised everyone I wouldn't be that dad. LOL. Swear to you that if I wasn't so unbelievably blown away by these 10 minutes, I wouldn't be doing an entry... but, WOW:
I didn't even bother with making a professional video out of that. That is the straight up file from the camera. What an unbelievable 10 minutes. That little bugger is movin' all over the place! It's only 11 weeks! And yes, although only 95% sure, the doctor thinks it's a girl. We'll save the name until we know for sure. Looks like that will be April 9th... which is still way early from what I've read, but hey - I just watched a 3D image of my baby on an HDTV and posted it across the world today on these magical tubes and my parents can watch it on their FUCKING PHONES. Everything I've ever understood about life has just been blown out of the world. Do you mind if I take 10 minutes and watch that entire thing over again?
Wow. Oh and those wondering what my reaction to having a girl is? My first thought was "AWESOME! We're having two kids!". LMAO. If the 2nd one is a girl? "Hell yes! A big family of THREE!" HAHAHAHA. Guys, I really just don't care. Just be healthy. And now to the embarrassing part (as if my "Clitoris vs. Knee" line wasn't bad enough in the video)...
First, how cool is it that you can see the mouth and a smile there. :) But, you're tellin' me that's the clitoris? Uhm. If the girl has a clitoris down to her thigh, what does that make her? And how stupid am I for typing that sentence about my own daughter? (sigh). I'll take the doctor's word for it about the direction being the tell-tale sign, but since she's right at 11 weeks measurement-wise, I am baffled that you can have an even 90% assurance. Everything I read said 16 weeks... and 13 at the earliest. He did admit before 12 weeks he's more guarded and has been wrong. In fact his best friend did an ultrasound the same time, it looked just like this, he told them it was a girl and a few weeks later he went "nope, it's a boy". Again, I want a boy and a girl so this just means the girl is first. :)
Now, this 3D stuff? What?
It's nowhere near as cool as the video though. I had NO idea you could do that at 11 weeks. When he popped that on my jaw dropped to my knees. Talya is barely showing. We still can't even believe it. And the 4D Realtime thing? What the how? WOW. I mean, WOW. Again, I do NOT want this blog to be every moment the kid does anything different, and I don't want to load an hour's worth of ultrasounds on YouTube every couple of months, but I am legitimately shocked at how far technology has come with SOUNDWAVES. You know? Supremely awesome. So excited. So happy. Cannot believe I ever for one second was sad about anything else on the planet because life is so wonderful oh my GOD holy balls.