9:38 AM, Wednesday, March 7th, 2012:
I was this guy. When I was a talk show host from 1995-1997, I was the guy that said it first: "They're all lying, they're all paid off, it's all stupid." This of course, after listening to right-wing idiots for hours on end. I ended up voting Libertarian as a "none of the above" choice and I was completely disenfranchised.
And then the Iraq war. I had no idea that one president could make so many country-altering changes. You look up and all of the sudden we have the civil liberty crushing Patriot Act to a (still) completely ficticious war in Iraq, to the unending, vague "war on terror" that no one (still) can define. For some reason we don't care about Bin Laden 6 months after 9/11 and care about Saddam? The media was so busy trying to be non-partisan it didn't SCREAM: "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?". And we enter this area in politics where people try to balance the scales, even though they're not. Presumably because it makes you seem moderate. Considerate. Intelligent. Even Jon Stewart fell for it a few years back during his rallies with Colbert. This idea that both sides were equally manipulative, equally distorting the truth. And while that may have been true 20 years ago, it couldn't be further from the truth today. Mind you, it's not the Democrats have become better. Their political practicesare just as manipulative as they've always been, they are after all politicians...
...but the other side has gone so far out. Are so clearly bought off. Are so rabidly fundamentalist that we're actually talking about birth control in 2012. But it's covered in such a way? That an uninformed viewer will consider it just another side. And when the Democrats say "this is a war on women" and the other side says "See, they're politicizing it!" the media let's that go. Limbaugh's slut shaming, Santorum's Ice-Age thinking and Romney's willingness to go along with all of it to get elected is absolutely, positively an affront to women. It's absolutely a war. We're on the precipace of setting back women's rights 60 years. If you don't think that's a war, I don't know what is. No one's "politicizing" it, the other side is just out of their fucking minds and think that their isolated circle of experiences should be mainstream. Sweet jesus. But I'm rambling, this is about false equivalency...
Last night as I caught both sides lying and it occurred to me that it was an old school lie vs. today's insanity. I'm still angry about the old school lie! This shit annoys the balls off of me. My standards aren't so low that I find it acceptable... but when you see what the other side is doing, I think you'll understand how false the equivalency is.
Gingrich is on another level. And no one is gonna point out that lie except the farrrrrrrrrr left media. Great. A lot of good that does. So you now have the two extremes, the buffoons that are CNN and the network news that would never, ever, speak against one part because that would make them partisan. (sigh). In the old-school news cycle, a lie like Gingrich's could never happen. But because everything happens so fast now? You can throw shit out ad nauseum and the media picks up on the flashiest. This wasn't flashy. It was extremely subtle, and honestly?  I'd venture to guess that there were people that watched Obama's press conference and HEARD what Gingrich said because they've been indoctrinated to SPIN. Fox News teaches you how to spin. You hear the lie long enough? You can hear it in real-time. And it was a Fox News guy who asked that loaded question! Knowing that either way Obama answered they could call it a "gotcha". So Obama breaks down why the question is idiotic, then answers it - and the right wing can focus on the "break down" as if it's his answer. THAT is how you lie. THAT is how you spin some shit. And if you think Democrats do that you are not paying attention. The Republicans play this shit farrrrrrrrr better. And it's alllllllllllll worse for us. Because people just now paying attention? Think this is just how it is.
AND GODDAMNIT, WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE 50s-60s people, we're talking about the mid-90s. It's not that long ago. Is 20 years that long? Christ, I guess it is. When I started following politics closely in 1988, I guess the 60s were 20 years ago. And when you watched footage from that time, they seemed so "proper". So much reverence, so much respect. And then there was Dan Quayle. LMAO. Though, it was Bensen's rundown of him "You're no Jack Kennedy" that was the least "respectful" during that campaign. We applaud that and look at where we are 25 years later? It's why Obama seems like he's from a different decade. He acts like they did in the 50s and 60s. He's measured, considerate, respectful - he feels like the only "adult" in the room. And he's stuck in this shitty time where he has no choice but to use Super PACs. And that's my point about false equivalency... you can't say Obama is the same as Republicans because he now has a Super PAC. He was against them, he mentioned Citizens United in his STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. But he doesn't make the rules. It's like the NBA putting a 5 point line in the game. Historians of the game would go apeshit (probably like they did with the 3 point line). But if they implement that rule? Well, you have to compete and it's time to redraw your plays to include a freaking 5-point line. What, are you going to abstain from shooting 5-pointers? Good luck with that. They are not equal.
Obama railed against the Iraq War from 2002-2009 when he came into office. Yet for THREE YEARS he presided over it before it ended. Does that make him the same as Bush for those 3 years? Of fucking course not. Or the NDAA bill that Obama signed. How can any American not be horrified at it? How could he do that? He's just like Bush, right?!?! No. And yeah, welcome to what we were all going NUTS about during the Bush administration: they set shit in stone, during wartime, that will take DECADES to unravel. What Obama signed does not make him equal to Bush. It means that at this time? Because of the mess we're in? Certain things can't be undone... yet. Detention of citizens we "think" are terrorists? How the fuck do you undo that when we already have hundreds of "terrorists" detained?!?!? Let them all go? See the difference? It's a completely different bill to sign once you've already started the ball rolling. It will take a loooooooooooooong time to unravel what the Bush Administration started. Again, that's why everyone was freaking out with the Bush rhetoric. The unending "war on terror". An involvement in Iraq without any provocation or even threat... whatsoever. This shit can't be rectified in one year or even one-term (though Iraq was, still impressed he pulled that off in one term). And the issues with the Patriot Act? Oh jesus, we're gonna be dealing with that for 20 years if not more. We not only have to be out of our current wars to address much of it, we have to deal with the detainees we have now and our entire "war on terror" has to be dissolved. To have announced that as your foreign policy was ridiculous. And to responsibly dismantle all of that will take a loooooong time. I have friends that think Obama is just power-hungy and wants to be able to detain citizens. Come on people. Seriously? He already put in the provision against his own administration doing that (but that will come off when he leaves office which is why we're all so pissed), he's stuck. I'm ANGRY he's stuck. I'm angry he couldn't just come in and wave a wand and undo the Bush atrocities... but I'm humble enough to realize I don't have access to ANY of the information he has. I just know that he didn't start this shit. 8 years of messy, messy laws that are so entrenched in our system that I really don't know how you can undo them or even stop future ones from happening while we're still "at war with terror". Once we're out of Afghanistan (please do it like fucking now already - why the hell is the withdrawal the end of 2014? What the fuck don't I know?) it will be easier to walk back on things.
What a mess. Anyway, I'm done with my rant. And whoopee, this can be unlocked. LOL.