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3:47 PM, Wednesday, February 29th, 2012:
Yay, Randoms. Most ridiculous one first:
1) Mad Dreams
So this was one of those "just-before-you-wake-up" dreams that was extremely vivid...
I worked at Sterling Cooper. I was in a small office, it was my office, and I was franticallly walking around people to get things done. There were about 7 people in a confined space everyone was a client except Peggy who was my secretary and Don who was her husband. He was pointing out how she was doing too much for me being very defensive. I started to get in his face (he stayed seated). I finally said "There's nothing she does for me that I wouldn't do for her. I'd get her coffee." He said something else demeaning and I told him to fuck off and walked out of the room. I heard the head boss say that I would go on temporary suspension for that. The voice was Obama. !??!
So I go into the elevator to go down to the ground floor in an effort to make a badass getaway as I told off Don Draper. Joan smiles at me as the doors clothes and inside I scream "YES!". Didn't even care that I may lose my job. In the elevator is a WILDLY drunk Sterling who can barely stand up. Dancing around being crazy. The door opens to a masssssssssssive lobby for the entire building and Sterling bounces out. Obama is at the bottom trying to fire me when I point to Sterling saying we really need to deal with this (because more clients were downstairs). Obama is still focused on me as Sterling gets to an escalator and proceeds to fall knocking down everyone on the escalator. Obama finally hears this and turns to get him. Remember, Obama isn't the president, he's just the "Bert Cooper" of Mad Men. We finally get Sterling and I have to hold him down on a cot type thing because he's trying to break free. He's really drunk. I notice one of the girls making fun of him saying he can get the sex change operation in a couple of years. I look back? I'm holding Joan down, not Sterling. And the woman being caddy is basically telling her she can be a man soon as a type of "cut" to her femininity. I of course realize I'm holding down Joan and think to myself "well this isn't bad." And I wake up.
What the fuck right? Clearly Season Five can't come soon enough. Unbelievably linear dream though. ALLLL of my dreams change CONSTANTLY. Like at the end when Sterling turns into Joan? That's usually my entire dream. The setting changes every few seconds, it's totally A.D.D. So this was really odd. Good times.
2) God's Gift
So I was responding in a thread on Facebook and added a few people that made me laugh. My Facebook isn't personal, it's for networking so anyone mildly pleasant I add in a heartbeat. Usually all industry folks. I was immediately messaged by one woman who demanded to know why I added her. It was funny considering she clearly accepted and instant messaged. I explained that I just thought her comment was funny and tend to add industry people I find humorous. "Shouldn't you be paying attention to your wife instead of adding single women on Facebook?"
Seriously? If my scam was to "skeeve women" on Facebook, ya think I'd have pictures of my wedding day as my profile picture or cover photo? Or, I don't know post songs I write for her constantly? Get over yourself already. This isn't the first time I've been jumped on for completely innocuous statements or network adds on Facebook. Some women think every single man is just dying to sleep with them and it's their duty to SHOW THEM. What a tiring pastime that must be. Believe me, (insert outdated mysogynist word for a woman here), you couldn't hold a candle to the life I have and I blocked you the instant you were so presumptuous. Stop confirming adds if you don't wish to be friends. That's kind of the entire point of Facebook. <rolls eyes>
Look at this shit:
Wow. And do I get into the political aspect? Sure, for just a tiny random...
4) Politics as Usual
It doesn't matter what the truth is, this is bad for the president. It was bad for Bush, it'll be bad for Obama. I remember when this happened in 2008 and the country was a mess. It added to it. Now of course the country is improving so it just slows that. And mind you, I'm completely talking about mindshare and the political aspects. The truth just doesn't matter. The president can influence oil production (it's been up every year he's been in office) and lower dependency on foreign oil (it's under 50% for the first time in a decade) and up regulations on efficiency (they've been upped to ridiculous amounts in the next 5-10 years). That's it. The rest is speculators and ironically? The GOP candidates talking up war with Iran. And seriously - that's pretty badass politics right there. I love the strategy of it all and how awesome (ethically uneblievably irresponsible) is it to talk war, war, war with Iran - have it lead speculators to drive gas up $1 a gallon and hurt Obama? It's all they've got. Doesn't matter.
5) Romney, Romney, Romney
Ignore all of this shit. It's Romney, it's always been Romney, it will always be Romney. He has the money, he has the organization. All this other shit is for show. There is nothing close about this. He has more delgates than all other candidates combined. He will just get there SLOWER, but he will get to 1144. No brokered convention, nada. Move on.
6) Really Jon?
So my roomate runs in and asks me why there's 29 days this month instead of 28. "Isn't there always 28 days in February?". This man turns 29 next week. I almost want to change his name for this.
So I say "It's leap day. You know, leap year." He laughed and walked away. Comes back later and is talking with Talya. He references the day and says to me "What did you call it again? Jump year?" And starts to laugh.
I don't like to be a know-it-all. Ya know? Like, I don't want to treat people like complete idiots, but how the fuck can you live 29 years and honestly, never have heard, of LEAP YEARS. ?!?! He's been around for 7 of them. He had no idea. I finally went up to him and (as kindly as possible) said "Come on man, you're just playing with me, right?" He wasn't. He had literally, never paid attention before and today was the only time he realized there were 29 days in the month as opposed to 28. And of course, clearly, it blew his mind when he processed this fact. I mean... just... wow. I still can't even believe I'm typing this random.
How happy are we all for this kid? So awesome. I think things will get a little hairy now that Amare and Carmello are back, but they should be able to make it all work. He's a point guard and his only issue is turnovers (though that is a pretty big issue), they should be an incredible team in the playoffs that Miami or Chicago will NOT want to play. Yes it's bigger 'cause he's Asian and there's nothing wrong with that. Rarity is exciting. The underdog is exciting. Stop trying act like race is a bad thing. It's not the only thing, but of course it's an aspect. What a fun story. And in New York!!! So cool. Here's hopin' the chemistry doesn't get screwed up with Carmelo and Amare. <fingers crossed>
Man, some women have a little morning sickness, some women have nothing, and some women are so sick they can barely move. Guess which one Talya is. Goddamn it is so hard to watch. Completely helpless. If she tries to move, she pukes. So she literally never moves. She'll be good for a few minutes and then she's down for the count. Constant nausea. We've tried every trick we can find and nothing seems to help. And we've got a whole 'nother month to go. Thankfully she can hold off on her pilates hours for a bit and I'm around to take care of her... but just wow. This is really bad and I just hate that there's nothing I can do but rub her back as she pukes up nothing. :( Come on second trimester.
9) Ectopic?
So I guess the first hurdle in pregnancy is it being an Ectopic Pregnancy where the baby doesn't attach to the lining of the womb, eventually ending the pregnancy. Jesus. I wonder if we have too much info at our hands? I don't want to sit and worry about every horrible thing that could happen to this baby IN the womb - that's what AFTER THEY'RE BORN is for. LOL. We'll know at the first ultrasound next week. Ugh.
10) Stop expecting when expecting
After that last random I read yet another thread of women and their problems. Down Syndrome, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages... jesus mother-loving christ. I'm done. Like... I want to be the greatest dad ever, but what the hell is the point. If the baby is supposed to be born, it shall be born. We got pregnant doing it the right way after ONE TRY so if something happens, then we can certainly do that again. But I have to stop reading this shit. I'll read the weekly stuff about what's happening, but the constant worrying about all the things that can go wrong - done. Seriously. I'm not gonna be that type of dad later, so I sure as hell not gonna do it now. So to the kid? Here's hopin' this is your time, because I certainly can't wait to meet you. It may not be. I nearly died at birth, lungs collapsed, in an incubator - but it wasn't my time to go. So here we are. We're both super healthy, stopped the heroin addiction the MOMENT we find out about the pregnancy, and she now only drinks alcohol WITH food. Duh.
Happy Leap Day.