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1:30 PM, Tuesday, February 20th, 2012:
Chevy Chase has always been Clark Griswold to me. His SNL days were before my time and as a child of the 80s, he's the funny family man. I've seen everything he's done and respect most of it, but his impact in the Vacation movies won't be topped. Unfortunately I have never read a positive story about him. I hadn't really thought about it until this set visit, but it's really the impression I've had for decades. SNL has banned him from the set, Bill Murray tried to beat the shit out of him - no former cast members have a kind word. It seems just like a given thing. So I was more than curious as to what he'd be like on the set.
Throwing out everything else I had read about him, he was noticeably less friendly than the other cast members... but in a way that was expected. Meaning he's done this his whole life. Everyone else in the cast is experiencing fame for the first time. You're far more receptive at the beginning. Far more appreciative. I remember signing autographs and taking pictures outside of CBS and honestly? I would've gone out to lunch with them. I was so goddamn appreciative that anyone cared... I was 10x more excited about them than they were of ME. Well, Chevy dealt with that in 1975. 40 years later, he's just done. Given that? He was gracious, took pictures, played the company line. It's good for the show and these set visits are the result of someone donating to charity... so you play along.

As I mentioned in the last entry, I abhor this shit. I have to do it to hand-over this GODDAMN blu-ray that will never be watched. But I do it because I can't lay in bed knowing I had the opportunity to give Clark Griswold my documentary and I didn't. So I did, and he literally laughed at me and took it into his trailer. Donald Glover joked that Chevy doesn't even own a VHS. The truth is though, as I mentioned in the General Hopsital entry, there's no credibility for these people to be interested. I printed my review hoping that would help, but the truth is that unless someone that THEY respect hands it to them? This alllllllllllll goes in the trash. Why the hell would they care? But I did it. There it is. I did my job as producer. Fuck. This.

Of course all I could really think about was "I'M HAVING A BABY!!!" and I can't tell anyone 'cause my father-in-law doesn't know yet and he was next to me the whole time. So when I got a chance I figured I'd be the uber-dick and run up to Chevy Chase with my camera as he was walking around later in the day. I figure, if I'm gonna play "dorky tourist", I might as well get something for The Journey that my family, friends and fans will appreciate. So, I give you this:
Ha. I swear there is not one second of that where he's not fully aware that our set visit comes from a charity and he can't tell me to fuck off. As far as what he said? I really was surprised he got all serious since I've never seen that in 30 years of watching him (and yes I understand you actually do hold the woman's leg back to help), but it's all fascinating to me to get that recorded. Such a surreal video. And sorry, but if my wife wants an epidural, my wife will have an epidural. I believe we worry too much about shit that makes little difference. Although I think doctors are too quick to do a C-Section and if I had the money we would do a home-birth with a mid-wife, we also live in a time where we can make the stream easier to float down, with no harm to the baby. Epidurals FOR THE WIN.
So Chevy was a good sport with me even though I'm certain that in any other setting it would've been really ugly. LOL. God I hate being "that guy". As I said in the last entry, it's still sickening to act like a tourist in a setting you actually worked in... but I just feel like I have to get that blu-ray in people's hands. Fairly certain this will be the last set visit for that shit, but what a surreal chapter in Journey Lore., huh?