6:00 PM, Wednesday, February 1st, 2012:
What a wonderful video to announce my new album. Uhm, new CD. Uhm... new collaboration of mp3s available as one, set. On iTunes. Err on 3/1. Jesus, do we really not have a name for mp3 "albums"? Well, it's a "book" of songs about my first year with Talya (her middle name is Isadora). And since every song has a video except "Spend Your Life with Me", I thought I'd make one for this entry. Now, of course the original "The Proposal" video has this song in it, but not the full version and with a whole lot of other stuff in between. Thought it would be nice to collect several proposals from the net and make it a cute music video. Some might even say adorable. ;-) Enjoy...
I know I'm a hopeless romantic, but you just gotta love that. I wasn't waxing poetic in my wedding vows when I said that I "thought this type of happiness had passed me by...". I really thought I had outgrown it, was jaded against it, and had far too much heartache in my history to ever allow myself to feel it again. As this collection of songs will show... life had other ideas.
Annnnnnnnnnnd that's what I love about this collection of songs. It was never intended to be a collection of songs. Never intended to be released other than some Journey Videos. It happened organically and love produced some wonderful songs. I love that sincerity. I love the rawness of them (as I always have when it comes to Journeysongs) and more than anything? I love that they're even possible. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am every single day of my life. I just... really believed this had passed me by. The first 10 years of The Journey just knee-capped me. The next 10 will be the greatest of my life. I guarantee.
So I hope you're excited about this release next month. Check out "The Journey From 1 to 1000" album (also on Amazon if you don't want to use iTunes) for what is a far better deal (50 songs for $9.99). "Love Isadorable" will probably be around $5. I want people to hear this stuff more than I want to make a buck.
Alright... Community set visit next week. May have a Randoms entry before that. Had a ridiculously bizarre dream about Mad Men that I just have to share. LOL.