9:08 AM, Sunday, December 25th, 2011:
I tried to kill 4tvs in 2004. Was stunned it came back up again in 2006 for CBS and even more amazed it piqued Comedy Central's interest in 2009... and after that was passed on? More than done. Hell, even done with the characters. I'm totally cool admitting it just didn't happen and move on...
...but they keep perking people's ears up. You know? You can't describe the concept without people going: "Huh? I really want to see that..." So now, 2 years after Comedy Central, the pilot comes up with genuine interest at Gary's company (Helsinger, not my character - LOL) and the opportunity to finally put the entire thing online for everyone to see. For longtime readers/viewers, this should be a nice treat to see all together. The bits were available online before, but now you see the entire piece and how it ran together that magical night for me. Let me give a quick description of exactly what this was hoping to accomplish.
You always cater things like this TO the pitch. Just as Up & Adam with CBS was made specifically to target Carson Daly's show on NBC (who I would've gone up against), this show was specifically for Comedy Central. A mix of a bunch of genres pieced together like "The Chappelle Show". The talent is onstage talking to the audience and throwing to bits. Ironically, for the people in the audience, a show like this is pretty boring 'cause the whole show is bits. So I decided to throw in The Egos being my "house band" that performed live onstage through TVs, and the bits would involve them. It livened it up for the audience for sure. The final wrinkle was mixing it with a Muppet Show/Larry Sanders type of dynamic with backstage antics setting up what was happening live
This show you're about to see however was never meant to be aired as-is. This was for the heads of Comedy Central to see every possible comedic talent I could pull off in a short amount of time with a pretty ambitious concept of the 4tvs live onstage. Whether that even WORKS on television is up for debate. It certainly works live... but it could be argued that it loses it's charm when taped and re-aired. Ideally? Sweeping jib-arm shots over the crowd in a much bigger setting will give the "live feel" that it needs. As it stands a static shot for the main 4tvs just looks fake. Again picture a sweeping shot over the heads of an audience as I'm interacting live with the TVs? It instantly hits you over the head with just how nuts the timing of it all is because I play all the characters. But I will again argue that "The iPad Comic" which was essentially "1TV" gets the same "awe" factor from the audience. With 4tvs it's almost too much.
After that rousing description let me say this, I'm extremely proud of this. I produced and created every second of this by scratch with my own love sweat, tears and money. I think it shows off my comedic talents very well even though many have argued it's music heavy with two songs. I chose to put the BackStreet Boys parody in there because it's such a crowd pleaser... the "Aunt Jemima" bit is technically better... but you have to fault with giving more here. If the comedy heads like it, they can always add and remove what they want. The idea was to show Comedy Central what I was capable of, and I left nothing on the table. So here is the unaired Comedy Centrail pilot in 2 parts. Enjoy...
Part One:
Part Two:
Hope you enjoyed that, and well - I hope the new set of eyes watching this like it too. My goal is to inspire the new production company to pitch a show like they never have before. There's a lot there to process, but that can't be a bad thing.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Merry Christmas. What a week ahead...