5:41 PM, Thursday, December 22nd, 2011:
Oh Godddddddddddddddd does it feel good to have this story in my head, sit down at a Journey entry ready to express it, knowing how long it has been since I've been able to do this. This came together so organically, so completely BECAUSE of "letting go" and just creating my heart... you just have to shake your head and smile.
So after the success of the Gingrich song, I felt I needed to show the new viewers that I don't really sing that low. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever done that type of voice for a song. So much so, many people that knew me didn't believe it was me. So with this new influx of eyes and ears on me I thought I'd just sing a cover (for whatever reason, that impresses people more than originals) showing how I actually sing. I picked the over-covered "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz because it's a pretty "tenor-ish" type of pop-song which is the opposite spectrum from The Grinch. Please enjoy, it was a blast to sing live in my bedroom. :)
After listening to that I was again reminded that I really, really need to make a singing demo-reel. I can sing in so many genres. I can legitimately rap (everyone forgets that from the original Trinitrons stage show, because they forget Gary is even me), and throw in the cartoon voices I can do... singing? It's just exponential. There's sooooooo much work for me in the voice-over arena as well as singing. But as many people out here know, it's the #1 voice-over market and it is absolutely something you need an agent, headshots, and a drive for. All things career related have been back-burner for me after the hellish depression of 2010 and only after such an inspiring and fulfilling 2011 have I been able to entertain the notion of ever having a career again. 2010 was realllllllllllllllly bad.
So we come to my friend Gary Helsinger who used to work for Universal Music that I met in 2005. We've always been friends and literally 5% of our conversations ever involved work (I really suck ass at selling myself). He was a fan of my work on CBS, my music, The Journey... but there was never a way for us to work together and I simply wasn't interested in bringing it up because I just liked talking about life with him. It was on that note that he gives me a call saying he got a new job with a production company that is a 9-5 (or in this case more of a 10-7) and that when he RSVP'd for my wedding he was unemployed. Now he's not sure if he can make it 'cause he just started last month and digs the gig...
...and then it occurred to him what exactly I do other than talk about life together.
"You know, I think my boss would be very interested in talking to you..."
Why? Because they produce and pitch TV shows. They produce and pitch music for commercials, television and movies. And I don't mean independent stuff, top of the line, what you'd expect from Hollywood, offices in Studio City - produces. There are so many levels they would be interested in when it came to my talents both Gary and I were kinda laughing that we never really thought about it until now. I mean, sometimes they even need people that have great singing voices to complete some productions. Singing session work... a plus if I can do different genres or voices. Hmmm... wonder if I could do that?
So today at 3pm, I met him and he introduced me to the owner as well as the heads of the different divisions and I was absolutely spinning. I didn't need to sell. I actually can do exactly what they need. They were interested in everything. The guy that runs the TV side thought the Comedy Central Pilot sounded great and wanted a copy of it right away. Something to retool (though I own every second of that completed pilot), and re-pitch. I'll be making an entry and finally putting the entire thing online for the next entry. Whew.
The craziest meeting though, was with a guy who puts together and composes music for tv/commercials/films talking about needing singing talent. He pulls up an Old Navy commercial where they needed a group that sounded like The Beach Boys. Uhm, see where this is going? I direct him to my Beach Boys parody "Let's Bomb Iran" and tell him I'm every voice. "Even the falsettos?" Yup. I have him click the Backstreet Boys parody from Trinitrons 1? "Wow, you really nailed this". (I'm sure it coming out of Spencer certainly helped sell it). I told him I'd put together several different music genres I can sing and he was very interested. Just, wow. As we walked out of the room, Gary said "I think I just got you 4 jobs." LOL. All I could say was "wow". I mean, "Thank you" is such a fucking given it seems ridiculous to simply say THAT. But what we both laughed about later? This came so organically. I wasn't trying to sell him. This was the opposite of everything that is LA. He was simply explaining why he might not be able to make it to the wedding next week and now it's all this.
So I sent on my "Town of Maybeville" promo for Gary to pass along to his boss (who I was only able to speak with for 5 minutes) to let him know that I've actually legitimately made some noise in this industry and I wasn't just talking shit. This could be an unbelieveable 2012. Wait, screw that... could be? It's working out exactly the way it should, there's no "could". You "let go" to repair your BEING after 2010, have such an incredibly happy and loving 2011 that you're ready to take on the WORLD. And here's the opening. Right as the year ends. Wow.
So, though I understand you might miss my wedding next week, for the love of FUCK don't lose your job Gary. HAHAHAHA. It's cool, I understand. You're a great friend for even wanting to take time off a new job to make it. Maybe your boss will love all my shit so much he'll DEMAND that you go for the sake of the business!!!!! But it's totally OK if that doesn't happen. Thank you so much for helping me. You already had my friendship, but now you have my loyalty in helping you any possible way I can. Hopefully this ends up being a way we can both make some money. You pitch a few of my songs to a few shows and we all make some money...
...or we just continue to be friends, talk about life and know that there's at least one other person in this city that isn't trying to "get something" from you. Either way, just having this hope again is thanks to you. Hope to see you next week.