1:32 PM, Wednesday, December 14th, 2011:
Thankfully, there are "random" entries, 'cause I'm not sure I could've made an entire entry out of this video... but it just had to be part of The Journey:
1) Peek-A-Puppy
HA. I had just gotten out of the shower and CeBe kept pokin' her head in and then LeeLoo would follow. I yelled for Talya to get my camera and got a few minutes of it... it was just so funny to me. To any viewer not realizing I have 2 dogs, this will be pretty shocking. Heh. Someone asked what they were scared of... I think it was just the angle of the door and not seeing a clear path because my clothes were just below it. CeBe eventually opened the door by herself. And, they also always think I'm gonna throw them in the shower so they tend to stay away from the bathroom at all costs. :)
2) Mixed with Runt
Notice how big LeeLoo is now? She's 11 months. What the hell happened? Over the past couple of months we've had to come to the sad realization that she was mixed with a bunch of suck because she's not getting a lot bigger. I kid, I kid... but I seriously hate small dogs. Ha. She has a big presence though and we're starting to see a shift in the alpha/beta war between her and CeBe... will be fun to see how it ends up. But clearly she's gonna be half the size of CeBe. Funny.
3) Lakers get Owned
Oh fuck Stern. The trade for Chris Paul was totally fair. For him to step in to nix that trade is unheard of... but realize that The New Orleans Hornets is now (for the first time in the history of the league) owned by the NBA. But they swore up and down that they wouldn't interfere - it would be run by the GM, etc. Well fuck that. They just said:  "Nah, that's not good." Lakers give up the 6th man of the year and an all-star starter? If anyone the LAKERS got the raw end of that deal... what? And now Paul is going to the Hornets, we GAVE Lamar to Dallas and Dwight is staying on Orlando? Hello rebuilding year. Kobe has to love that. If we don't somehow get Dwight Howard? This year is gonna get UGGGGGGGGLY. But congrats to The Clippers... Griffin/Paul is awesome and they totally deserve it.
4) Bears get Tebow'd
God I find this funny... I mean, they don't get much more anti-religion than me, but hating someone because they're religious is just as stupid as hating someone because they aren't. Now what I find funny? Is just how miraculous these wins are. It has NOTHING to do with Tim Tebow. He's not that good. I mean, if The Bears had just taken a knee? They would've won. The miraculous comebacks that Tebow has had have been ABSOLUTELY miraculous. The other team does something UNHEARD of. It's LITERALLY like the hand of GOD makes the other team fumble... and then Tebow gets the credit. For the haters? It has to be MADDENING... and I'm a Bears fan and all I could do was laugh. Up 10-0 with 2:30 to go in the game? And we fumble, don't put our knee down... what? HAHAHA. It's really fun to watch and of COURSE it will catch up with him and if he doesn't get better he will lose all over the place. But part of me wants him to win because it makes all the assholes CRAZY. Again, watching Tim praise Jesus after every win is ridiculous (unless he says Jesus made him throw an interception when they lose... then I will buy his jersey - LOL), but that's what the man believes. Good for him. He's on one helluva run. :-)
5) What the Hell
So I get an YouTube message from Leanna82448:
"Hi, i love all ur videos and i was wondering if you can do a video of a song that makes you cry please."
Confused, I go to her channel and see this...
Uhm. Click on the "Crying" list? Number one there too...
This is just... I mean... Uhm... is this a FETISH? WHAT? I'm so creeped out. LOL. And then to write me and ask for more? Fuck, unfortunately I think there are 2 more within the 1100 videos on The Journey - but I don't really wanna show them off, ya know? GODDAMN. I don't cry THAT much. HAHA. It's been a rough decade damnit... I just.. I'm totally rambling incoherently 'cause I have no idea what to say here. I'll move on...
6) Creeeeeeeeeeepy Again
Ahhh! So I'm doin' searches to see where the Grinch song came up and find this:
I mean, yes I do speak from the hart. But that graphic. It just... like... Again, speechless...
First of all, what an incredible conicidence that this person made 4 boxes like 4tvs, right? But, like, I don't know you man. You sat there and took stills from that and made a graphic? <skin feels weird> AHH. I mean, I should be flattered right? I'm always flattered when someone shares my stuff but this shit just... AHHHH ADAM JUST SAY THANK YOU AND LEAVE THE RANDOM. Thank you.
7) Christopher Diva
So much for helpin'your fellow man. Christ. So this guy contacts me to put his video on my Grinch video via video response. Always happy to help a fellow artist and asked if he could host mine on his so we could cross promote. He wasn't getting much love for his and I was happy to bump it up a bit. His video (which I'll promote again to make this next point) clearly isn't the same level as what I did, in fact he didn't really make a video - just put words on the screen as he sang along. I don't mean to be a dick about this, but people can tell when someone worked on something and that's why my video got spotlighted. A couple days later he wrote me:
"Dude, you are kicking my butt. What's your secret?"
What, this is a competition? How does me having more views than you HURT you? The internet is big enough for the both of us... So I do a search and realize he's been responding in all the comment threads where my video is reposted with his video. Even asking the author why they didn't post his. ?!?!? I mean, the man is trying, but it's a little leechy. I figured I'd be honest and answer his question:
"You didn't make a video man. Words on a static screen seem lazy (even though that takes time). Half the reason mine is being shared is the video...Like your Cain video, that got 15,000... could've gotten more I think if it was shorter... but yeah, actual videos pick up steam better. My Let's bomb iran was animated in 2006 - had over 3 million views (off youtube) in days. People appreciate the extra work. No doubt."
Never heard back, and then I saw this on my Huffington Post article:
What a fuckin' DOUCHE. It's funny, Mo'Kelly had me feelin' the love - happy to help, pay it forward... all the kumbaya shit... and then dude does this? Tidal is totally a plant. You can say a lot of things about my video but not that it isn't well executed... then he sees Christopher's and that was rather good? Come on man. Even if he wasn't a plant replying to that comment to pimp your shit when we're trying to help cross-promote each other is just weaselly.
This is exactly why people become even BIGGER ASSHOLES when they move out here. They deal with people like this. I have never truly found a community feeling amongst your peers. It's constant insecurity by everyone and using each other to get ahead. I mean, I watched his video, saw that it was woefully produced, not even remotely funny... but I was HAPPY to help him. HAPPY TO. Ugh.
So obviously I took his video response down and am not holding back publically. It's always been my feeling that when you burn your bridge to me? It's not my fault if I point that out to you. You asked for my advice, I certainly didn't give it before that. You pulled the thread hijacking in dozens of threads and acted like this was a competition. Well, it still isn't. The worst videos you've ever seen have 10 million views so competing for numbers is a losing battle. Your best bet was to make a network of friends with fellow artists and help cross promote. Be happy for a fellow artist when they do great, because your time is coming. Help each other by giving tips and advice and generally be decent. It seems you missed Kindergarten.
8) Kopyright Kontras?
My entire life has been fighting copyright laws. The "Fair Use" law (meaning if you ain't making money off it - back the hell off) I think is incredibly fair. Taking my 65 view video off YouTube because there's a song on the radio in the background is fucking ridiculous. However, for the first time - I pulled the copyright card on someone else. Several people stole my video and uploaded it themselves, and I kindly wrote to them and asked them to take it down. Explained that I'm trying to get enough views to get TV time and if the views get split, that'll kill me. Everyone was cool except one dude. I wrote to him twice, I made comments on the video... he ignored me. The video was approaching 1,000 views and I finally filed a copyright complaint. The result?
Awesome. It is strange to me that I can claim ownership of a parody song... and honestly? Dr. Seuss could probably do the same back to me. But again, I'm not making money off it... it's part of the Fair Use portion of the copyright law. What "laundrygone" did was put his own credits on the front and back of my video and just upload the identical video. In my claim I even said:  "My name is still on the credits at the beginning of the video, clearly it's mine.". LMAO. Dumbass. Again, once the initial surge is over sometime next year? By all means - steal away. Just don't kill it before it starts by splitting the views. And everyone who has done it have been Ron Paul nuts. They are a HARDCORE group man... Speaking of which:
9) Ron Paul is out of his Mind
Listen, no one is a bigger fan of the "anti-candidate" than me. I wrote songs about Ross Perot in '92, voted Libertarian (Harry Browne) until I had no choice but to vote AGAINST Bush in 2004 and vote for Kerry. So I love watching the outsider come in...
...but Ron Paul is just clueless. Yes, get out of the wars, we have no business in them... and then he says no financial aid to any country?
Brother, come on. Has he ever BEEN on the internet? Does he understand how small the world is now? How global the economy is, how global our community is? You say shit like this and you take out every single person that knows ANYTHING about how the world works. It sounds good to young people and the ultimate conspiracy theorists... that's about it. And the problem is, if he were elected? Foreign policy is where a president has the most control! That should frighten everyone. You have to be diplomatic. You have to have allies. You have to give foreign aid. We are one world. Frustrating. And you know what? The Republican Primaries are in such disarray he'll probably win Iowa. But then? He'll melt away once the REAL microscope goes on him and people actually hear what he has to say. Right now, we hear soundbites that sound perfect - and he is absolutely the anti-corporate candidate. It would be awesome to watch... but he's so out of his mind in other areas it's like he's stuck in the 1800s. Oh and he and his son are ABSOLUTELY racist as fuck. And if he wins Iowa (which he totally could)... that will come out in DROVES. Let's not forget Huckabee won Iowa in 2008. That's a microscope that can crush you. Ron Paul has a fuckton of crushable moments. And it's too bad, 'cause he really does have some great views - but he's just clueless as to how to play the game. Speaking of which...
10) We Made this Bed
I got into this in the rant:  there's a difference between "being corporate" and "accepting money from corporations". Candidates accept money from lobbyists and corporations because we accept it. We've made it to where you have to raise a BILLION dollars to run for president. So if you're gonna rule out any candidates for taking money with ties to lobbyists or corporations you're completely missing the point. And just 'cause you take money from someone doesn't mean you're going to do EVERYTHING the way they want. Obama has gone against some of his donors as much as he's gone for them... but accepting the money is a necessary evil. One we can certainly fix (GetMoneyOut.com) but for the time being? Don't hate the player, hate the game. And don't act like Obama is just as corporate as Gingrich because they both accept money. That type of false equivalency is what THEY WANT. Because then, the TRULY CORPORATE (Gingrich) can EASILY float right along being straight up evil. Firing union workes and replacing them with child labor is about as transparently corporate as you can get. If you think Obama would say that, you're not paying attention.
11) Repeat the Achievements
Anyone see the 60 minutes interview with Obama on Sunday? Wow. I had actually forgotten just how reasonable and pragmatic he was after watching this ridiculous Republican Primary stuff. How on earth, do you EVER, pick one of those Republicans over Obama? I have a point that I'm making in the next rant that I think completely destroys the "his economy" slam... and in every other category? He's so goddamn competent it's like a gut punch to anyone trying to make the opposite case. Seriously, Democrats have more to be upset about than Republicans do if you look at his record. And beyond voting just for one or two issues... some people just have the gravitas to be president. They can take all the shit thrown at them and go through things with reason and intelligence. All he has to do is repeat how he's done that, over and over... and he wins. I don't remember any president in my lifetime having the achievements he had the first 2 years in office. Then throw in getting Bin Laden and leaving Iraq in 2011? Whew. Good luck, GOP.
12) I still think it's Romney
I know it's not the popular choice right now, but Newt cannot win. God, God, God, God I want it to be Newt. I would love nothing more than to see the two of them standing next to each other. That visual? What? But I have to stop dreaming. Newt can win the first 4 primaries, and I STILL think it's Romney. Newt will implode and those polls that show Romney doing better than Newt during the general election? That has to ring true even in the HARDCORE right... don't they? Isn't Romney better than Obama to them? Maybe the Tea Party really has taken over and they're all just ignorant to no end, but I have to believe there are some rational conservatives out there that just want Obama out (even though he's the most successful REPUBLICAN president in 30 years). Time will tell, but Romney has a better chance.
13) 6 Zeroes
The Grinch video bumped my channel over 1,000,000 views. But it's kinda stupid to even note it because my very first video on YouTube (Let's Bomb Iran) had millions of views OUTSIDE of YouTube in 2006. So, it just doesn't seem like that big of a deal. What's nice is that when people hit my channel, it's at LEAST that many. As I mentioned above - worrying about numbers is truly futile considering what gets hits on YouTubes (if only my tits were bigger)... but if you're The World's First and Longest Running Video Blogger... you should have "million" somewhere. And of course, I uploaded 650 of those videos to cover 2000-2007 of The Journey in 2009 and they have like 10 views each. LOL. This is what you get for starting your site in 1999. Just a little too ahead of my time. But now The Journey to me is just about telling stories. I love it. That's all that really matters.
14) All that Really Matters
Focusing on all that really mattered in 2011 has filled me with such strength and confidence for the new year I can't even tell you. Focusing on Talya and her family has reminded me of what matters again and again. It's a lesson to everyone out there in this business: it's ok to take time off. It's OK to just stop. In 2010 I was as depleted and empty as I've ever been in my life. After all I had been through? Summer 2010 was worse. There's still some entries in early 2010 I can't read nearly 2 years later. When I found someone who didn't think I was broken? I made a smart move (after 2 months of saying I didn't want to be in a relationship) and I let her in. And I spent an entire year healing. Only now am I capable of thinking about me and my career. That is only possible because of how happy I am. Let's see what 2012 brings.
Damnit, I should've saved that for the entry on the 31st. Well, we all know I can pontificate if need be.