12:04 PM, Tuesday, December 12th, 2011:
Where would comedians be without idiot politicians, huh? People asked me to be bi-partisan and do one on Obama. Yeah whenever he says something anywhere NEAR as stupid as the Republicans have, I most certainly will. He just never does. If all you have is that he said 57 states instead of the 57 primary contests he had in 2008, uhm you're in trouble. He's just not that funny. Anyway... onto the fun "let's see where it ended up!" entry:
So it kinda peaked at 40,000. Less than I had hoped. Now granted, several people would be happy with this result, but had I uploaded this 48 hours before I did when the story was fresh? This would've been on Network TV. No doubt. I simply missed the story. It's still getting passed around like crazy - and until Christmas it will continue to... but this was one of those moments where you strike it right? Millions see it. The parody of the Rick Perry Ad? Million views. It hit at the exact right time and was all over TV. The child labor story was just too old... however, unlike the Rick Perry parody, the song has legs until Christmas... so for another 2 weeks, it's still relevant - and holy shit if he gets the nomination? My second parody song/cartoon (if it's absolutely dead-on) will mean everything.
This video had a couple bumps. After the initial interest died off on the 8th (14,000 views alone). I figured it would stay around 20,000 and then strangely it just kept going and has now doubled. So, clearly - the Christmas theme is helping because Newt's comments are no longer being talked about at all. Over 111 countries have seen it and looking at a map?
It's easier to see what countries haven't seen it. Not bad for 5 days. For comparison's sake, "Let's Bomb Iran" hit 159 countries:
With Iran being quite popular. Ahh the death threats. Don't think I'll see those this time around. :) The unfortunate part with "Let's Bomb Iran" was that I posted it to 10 different sites and it hit 3 million views on google video (and millions and millions on other sites) before Google just shut everything down so I don't even have proof. All that's left is the measly 125,000 on YouTube. Ahh well, it was 2006 - who knew. I thought Google was bigger, and well, now they own YouTube. :)
Now, the biggest difference 5 years later is absolutely Facebook. The majority of the views that could be counted (the overwhelming majority is unknown sources) were from Facebook. Nearly 4 to 1 over everywhere else. That's amazing. That site has changed everything. I did tweet it and several hundred people did as well, but I still don't like Twitter or see how it's better (or even equal to) Facebook. Maybe 5 years from now I will. :)
Now for the real press and sharing... if you're wondering how to do this, I simply went to ever website for TV and radio, hit their "contact" link and sent them the video. It's painstaking, it takes forever, but it's the way you do this. I also hit a few people I knew personally and the sharing started. It all started with one Mo' Kelly. I worked with Morris O'Kelly a few times while doing tape syncs with Tavis Smiley. He produced his radio show for several years and Linda Blake hooked us up. Always got along, friends on Facebook, comments here and there - I sent him the video and he put it on his blog.
(all pictures are linked to the original site, but I screencapped them in case something changes)
This was just the beginning. He also blogs on Huffington Post from time to time which for political spoofs? It's the holy grail. I asked if he could help me get on there (they're incredibly difficult to contact because it's a huge collection of so many people), and he wrote a personal letter to the people he knew there and CC'd me on it. More on that in a bit...
The first big news site to grab it was RawStory.com:
(The producer of the second video then contacted me via video response to mine so he could link up and I was happy to approve him. Gotta share the love with your fellow creative peeps)
Now when you get on a site that has a huge readership, is it flashes thousands of people who can share it so easy on Facebook or through email, etc. Or they reblog it. Which is where the headshaking part of all this began...
Couple shares here and there... and then comes Cognitive Dissonance:
Looks like a normal blog posting until you look at the bottom...
Reblogged, reblogged, reblogged with the touch of a button. Suddenly something that is at 2,000 views becomes 20,000 overnight. Wow. Social media is so interconnected now in comparison to 5 years ago, it's just freaky. It's SOOOOO easy to blog now. There's obviously so many of these I can't post them all... but someone did add this to the bottom of their post:
A few more small news sites and then suddenly I did a google search and voila, the holy grail thanks to Mo'Kelly:
Strange they never mention my name, isn't it? Anyway, I was certain this meant 100k+... but then found it was very difficult to find and started at the bottom of the politics page. It wasn't on their front page at all or even their comedy page! It was only on the URLesque page which is something in conjunction with AOL:
It seems now, they have their own comedy team which they promote their own stuff (the infamous Rick Perry spoof being one of them). Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Understood, it's their site... of course now I want to know how to be part of that team 'cause 2012 is gonna be the greatest year for funny political videos ever. I mean, there's never been a primary this unintentionally funny. Wish Cain was still in it...
To date, only 2500 views from Huffington Post. Too bad, if it spent even a couple hours in any position of prominence it would've skyrocketed. But what helped the most here is that every blogger on the planet scours HuffPo, so it made the rounds after this...
There's honestly too many to post. And although I was too late for TV coverage, it wound up on an internet show which was very cool, but my goodness was the panel bad. The host was a very capable host and had a grasp on the issue at hand, and the 2 that were with her are as clueless as I've seen talk politics in... well, ever. I thought the idiots on FoxNews were bad. I made a quick video interjecting some replies during the video...
I haven't watched any other videos for her show, but I can't imagine these are her normal panel guests. She could easily be on TV, those clowns can barely get through a segment. Of course I'm sitting here right now wondering what I have to do to get on shows like this. I certainly have the background from CBS News and with my videos. 2012 could certainly be one helluva year.
So it's now onto finding the next angle and where I can make a mark. This gives me the opening to have my second one be seen by even more people - I just HAVE to drop EVERYTHING when the idea comes and get it up ASAP. But actually, here's something from today...
People really like it and they don't really feel like the story is over. Maybe it can get around 50,000... but it's not gonna really go viral. But this got me back into the game. It was successful and was an absolute blast to put together and watch. So for that, I thank Mr. Newt Gingrich from the bottom of my heart. I would give anything for Newt to win this nomination. Errr... I mean, please let it be Romney!!! Democrats want it to be Romney!!
Did that work?