7:21 PM, Wednesday, November 30th, 2011:
Wait, why's he retiring on a Wednesday?
Well, either way... Bob Conners, The Morning Monarch of radio is turning off the mic for the last time and amazingly it's not because of a scandal or an illness or some form of downsizing. For radio? That's a rarity of epic proportions. He's retiring because he's simply kicked ass for so long he can't stand to kick any more ass. For the last 40 years Columbus Ohio has woken up to Bob Conners and 15 years ago I was on right before him. For a 19 year old kid it was pants shitting fright each morning... and he knew it.
A tall man, booming voice, and an entire radio station behind him... so you can imagine my surprise when less than a year into my job he came in and said he liked what I did and asked me to write a few jingly openers for him. Honor of all honors and a funny thing? Those three openers became the sound of The Egos on CBS because they just had a certain quality doo-wop about them that worked. So, yeah, thanks for that Bob.
The biggest thrill is when he made a promo for his show to run during my show that let me know I had officially made it. I made it part of this entry's video...
An absolute lifetime ago. I think what surprises me most about hearing the old bits and looking at those pictures? I look like a 40 year old man... then. You know? Nothing about that show seemed like a "kid" to me. Because of the "oldness" of the station, even the comedy seems... older. You know? Near the end I pushed the envelope because, hell I was 21 - what the hell was I doing making 40 year old jokes. I was certainly out of place... but now that I'm pushing 40? I listen back and cannot believe I was a teenager or 20 years old during some of those times. I was very good at hiding that.
Bob was, and surely still is, just bigger than life. Seriously 6 foot 6 and the golden pipes... and he had almost a football players' joy in seeing you wiggle out of the way when he came down the hall. I'm surprised he's stopping to tell you the truth. At his stature it's a pretty easy gig... I wonder if there's more to the story. Hmmm.
Anyway, it's yet another piece of Columbus that is gone from when I lived there and that's too bad. WTVN is now nearly completely syndicated (and a Rush & Hannity loving station to boot) and everything that made it unique is now gone. Thank you Clear Channel. I never had a chance. ;-)
So enjoy not getting up at 3AM anymore Bob... it'll probably take you a year to change that, but once you do you'll probably enjoy a lot more of your day. And thanks for the memories. You were a hero and you treated me incredibly well. Seems you treated everyone like that. Well, except Cannon.
HA. That desk. That smell. Sorry Cannon, you don't get a free ride on Bob Conners farewell entry. We have to maintain the rivalry even two decades later.
Ahhhhhhh radio. Miss you.