5:37 PM, Sunday, November 27th, 2011:
Hearing that old Boyles theme in the last entry got me a bit reminiscent so I thought I'd mix getting a Christmas tree with a song I did on CD101 called "Very Boyle Bells"... and then end the clip with a particularly evil portion of Episode #31 - "Christmas Eves" which debuted 15 years ago, in 1996, on the airwaves of WTVN in Columbus... Whew.
Ha. The episode is actually a flashback of several Christmas Eves and how mean Lester was to Johnny. That clip has always made me smile. It's an old John Handey poem that Lester read and decided to do to Johnny. My poor, poor kids. At least that shit will be on tape, right?
So yeah, the day after Thanksgiving Talya and I got a tree. Seems like a good tradition to start. I still find it ridiculous that people put actual trees in their house. And you know, I touched on this before, but this whole "Taking Christ out of Christmas" thing that comes up every year recently... when the hell was Christ EVER in Christmas? When wasn't it a commercial day? And people that get angry that it is and boycott it... huh? I saw a bunch of people on Facebook say they're abstaining from it because it's corporate and unnecessary. What is, the celebration at your house? How did a corporation affect that? Wait, you're boycotting it because of the way other people celebrate it? Or because businesses try to entice people to buy THEIR shit?
I will never understand that sort of anti-corporatism. I get being pissed that they buy our politicians, fuck with the unions to not give people proper benefits, lobby for deregulation on things that affect our health and find ways to never pay any taxes. I get that. Duh. But this anti-corporate shit where they're bad because they sell products that people like that they can choose to include or not include in their celebrations?
So now you're not going to celebrate it because it's become too corporate? GODDDDDDDDDDDD. Can you take the fun out of anything else please? Do you stop having sex because of the porn industry? Do you stop watching movies because Twilight sucks ass? December 25th is whatever the hell you want it to be. I for one think any reason to give love to those around you is a good goddamn thing. You can call it Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus, Kwanza... it makes no difference. Do you sit on the couch with cocoa and watch "Bad Santa" saying horrible things to children? Yeah? SWEET. Let's do that. So what that kids thing it's the big day you get a lot of shit. I waited all YEAR for that. When I was a kid you got one big ass day a YEAR (birthdays were for mid-level shit) to get cool shit. Are their deeper religious meanings to some? Sure! As a guy who has dates throughout the year where I reflect on big moments in my history... I fully understand people reflecting on their history. Jewish traditions, Christian traditions, Muslim traditions... all sorts of rich history. Don't forget those stories - you share 'em. Good Journeys. Fun to share. I even like the sad ones... you know, like the majority of my songs? Good times.
Ranting. But I'm just annoyed at people "TAKING A STAND" against... having fun? THERE'S A TREE... IN MY HOUSE. Because of Jesus? No. Because these dudes on the side of the street? THEY'RE SELLING TREES... TO PUT IN YOUR HOUSE. You got my $50. That's funny as shit. It smells really good and has lights on it. My kids are gonna think it's the coolest thing in the world. They're gonna sing silly songs and watch sweet movies. Does it make me a corporate shill? How do you even think of that? It's like those people that won't step into a Starbucks because it's a huge corporation. Uhm, the coffee's really good. In 'N' Out Burger is run by Fundamentalist Christians... they make a really good goddamn cheeseburger. And sorry, I'm not gonna refrain from buying iPads because they use Chinese labor - they got incentives from OUR GOVERNMENT to do that. Don't hate the player, hate the GAME.
AND YAY THE NBA IS BACK!!!! But, but - they're whiny crybabies! College is better! The fuck it is. College is better for a WEEK. The NBA is better for two whole MONTHS in May and June. Eat me.
Ahhh the Christmas Spirit. :-) Halleleujah. Holy Shit. Where's the Tylenol?