9:22 AM, Friday, November 25th, 2011:
So holidays for Talya's family were never quite right. I won't get into why, but all those involved understand that to be the case. This time we decided to have it at my place and I've been working on the backyard for months specifically for this day. Great motivator and it all came down to one day and basically one woman's comfort... Talya's grandmother, Phyllis. This woman just really, really, really makes me laugh because she simply won't hold back. So it was my mission to make sure she was comfortable. She sometimes uses a wheelchair, so I made a ramp up to the side of the deck for her. She's often a completely different temperature than everyone else in the room (aren't all grandmothers? LOL) so we got an outdoor heater. Even in sunny LA it can get chilly at night. And...
Let me say that quite a few incredibly special family members are not in that video. Unfortunately there's something about adding music and a voiceover that makes it feel all encompassing, but it's not meant to be. I miss the people not in this video just as much, but with this site you gotta work with the footage you have. And I believe everyone should own an iPhone. ;-)
And, I mean, who can match their alcoholic beverage and still be this cool?
He really is a living Lester. Oh and, yeah that allusion is nearly 20 years old and I don't even know where to start for newcomers...
The Boyles were a "cartoon on the radio" that I did back in the 90's. Easily my most popular segment, I sold hundreds of cassettes and still get requests for the episodes. In fact, just sold a CD of every episode to someone when I was in Columbus in June.

Lester and Johnny are easily the most real characters I've ever written. Spooky stuff. I didn't feel like I was writing. I just put the voices in situations, and they wrote themselves. They really resonated with people. I do miss talk radio sometimes. A lot.

So back to Thanksgiving, I'm pretty shocked at how much it meant to me. It's honestly never happened here in LA. I've never had family over to my house for a holiday... because my family is on the other side of the country. Donna's was on the other side of the world, and Jess's were also in Columbus. It's the sacrifice you make when you move out of your hometown for your career. Now, most people that move are pretty happy to do so - specifically because of family. I've never been in that camp. In fact I actually love Columbus as a place to live AND I love my family. So the trip to LA was 100% about following my talents and had nothing to do with what "felt good" to me. It's why I've always considered this a "struggle" and refer to it as "the fight". I know many people doubted that about me when this Journey started, but it's at my core to want a family. It's why what happened with Jessica ripped both of us apart for so long. Why she is at the core of the documentary. I've been trying desperately to show people, with this site, what it feels like to take all of your comforts and throw them out of the window to follow the path you think you belong on. It's really, really difficult for me. And as you've seen this past year? No one is happier to throw all of that shit out the window and embrace all things family. I will never forget how bad it got in September 2010. Whew.
Alright, onto the next bit of fun: BUYING A CHRISTMAS TREE! Talya (nor her mother) have ever done it... YAY JEWS! It's like being a kid again! Everything is new!!! :-)
Oh and in case anyone wonders why anti-religion man is celebrating Christmas... Christmas is a hallmark holiday to me and I do it because it's really really fun. It's about giving, loving and I mean... seriously? A fucking TREE in your HOUSE? That's just ridiculous. Any day where you do something that stupid should be applauded. I don't mean to be disrespectful to Christians, but come on - Santa Claus has fuck all to do with Christ. Bill O'Reilley "SAVING CHRISTMAS" is the stupidest thing ever. Like your religion is better? And you defend it by defending a hallmark holiday? LMAO.
Oooh ooh and now I get to celebrate Hanukkah too? 8 crazy nights plus 1 on Christmas - WAHOO! 9-9-9! WINNING. OUR KIDS WILL BE SO LUCKY.
Alright, so Happy Thanksgiving everyone, it's now officially Christmas time. Yay.