5:02 PM, Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011:
I wrote a ridiculously long entry, ranting all over the place... and then realized the video of this entry should just be me ranting about what I just wrote. So, uhm, here's the video:
And now what, do I just write a transcript of the video? Post what I wrote before the video that was all covered in the video? Ugh. Sometimes having a video with the blog makes perfect sense and then other times it is completely stupid. This is a case where the video nails everything and it needs no explanation. That is quite rare. As I said in the video I abhor videoblogs that just talk to the camera. It's far more interesting in hindsight to have a story that is accompanied by videos to enrich the experience rather than just talking to a camera over and over.
But in this case... the video is the entry. And, well, there you have it. Rewatching that video... I just make so much fucking sense it hurts. Like, if you disagree with the sentiment in that video I actually believe you were dropped as a child. I hate being that closed minded, but the topics we debate about as a society are so stupid now I can barely handle it. I mean, just look at the posts in response to the quote that I put on FaceBook:
The facepalms are for people completely missing the point, not because what they said was or wasn't true. But JESUS people are we so desperate to share our opinions we can't even process the topic at hand? Are we that A.D.D.?
"OOOOH did you say Doorbuster?!?! I got me a doorbuster one year and it broke! Now Ghostbusters on the other hand was a funny movie. They're making a 3rd one! But Bill Murray might not be in it. He's not funny anymore though. I hate how funny actors be all sad now. Be more funny!"
Sorry, just in a ranting mood. OK, I need to clean up the house for Turkey Day tomorrow. We're having it here! Ahhhh! Should be fun.