6:24 PM, Wednesday, November 16th, 2011:
The 27 year story of my tooth.
I vividly remember at 8 wondering why my mom was crying when she saw the NERVE dangling out of my cracked in half tooth. I had been told by my father's side of the family all the cool actors in Hollywood have caps (which was clearly the right thing to tell young Adam). I told my mom this when I was dropped off (yes, this happened during visitation with my dad - oh she loved that), yet she continued to cry. I was honestly excited to show people how horrifying it was (things haven't changed much in nearly 30 years, have they?) and was fascinated that I could send an electric shock through my body by flicking the open nerve with my tongue. Strange boy. My mother however knew that it meant a lifetime of issues that I was completely unaware of in 1984. She was very, very right.
My tooth was bonded and for the next 12 years it wasn't an issue. Then one night on WTVN I started to get a tooth ache, in fact the journal from that night (November 10th, 1996) is online:
"My front tooth really started to hurt tonight...but then around 5:00 it started to be in some major pain. I finally just told people on the air what was up and played some songs. I got through the hour alright but by 6:00 it was evident something was SERIOUSLY wrong. Of course, of all the nights, Angela’s husband forgot to pick her up (she screwed up her shoulder and will be in a sling for 5 weeks - can't drive), and I had to drive her the opposite direction home. The pain was amazing. I couldn't come close to sleeping and ended up having to have an emergency root canal on a Sunday! Thank God this didn’t happen the night before. Now I have the whole week off to recover. Amazing."
Just nuts. It was one of the strangest, most intimate moments I've ever had with a dentist. I actually held him by both of his arms and screamed obscenities in his face while he drilled that bastard for a few seconds, then relaxed and laughed... then continued. It was fucked up man. Might rank up there as one of the worst pains I've ever experienced. No amount of novacane helped. And he was totally cool with me screaming at him the whole time. Heh.
Now I was supposed to get that temporary replaced, but without insurance - that just wasn't happening. I let it be with a temporary for 3 1/2 years...

And as as longtime Journey fans will remember - it popped off. Taking us all the way back to Entry #14. Hmm, I said it was 1985 not 1984 in that entry. Shit. Now I can't remember. Getting old sucks. So yeah, it popped off. And for 7 months that's what I was stuck with. What a great way to start off things in LA, huh?

Got another temporary bond in August before my wedding in 2000 (that was supposed to just be for a few months) and have incredibly had it ever since. The only issue was that it was beginning to brown so it was time to finally get a permanent crown. Good thing I waited too, because now they make crowns without metal in them, and this little fucker looks identical to my other teeth. Nothing like the crowns I've seen before.
And, well, now after you read all that? Here's the entire thing in a quick little video. LMAO:
LICK MY NUB WOMAN! Hahahahaha. Why is that so funny to me? Thankfully Talya is a good sport. Goddamn that thing was nasty. Oh, and so you know that wasn't what my tooth looked like - they actually SHAVED it down to that nub so they could build the crown around it. Freaking AWESOME.
So yeah, the story is done now. And hopefully for the rest of my life. Apparently these new crowns are super strong and won't crack off like they did back in the day.
Good times. Fun couple months for Journey stories, huh?