11:11 AM, Friday, November 11th, 2011:
Wonderful. The big 11:11 11/11/11 is going to be about Joe freaking Paterno. Not that I had anything planned, but it just sucks that this is how I'm gonna remember this day. A bunch of absolute fucktards yelling "We Want Joe" because he was their football coach. I'm not sure I've ever been more disgusted. Is our society actually losing intelligence? The ability to grasp complex concepts, when honestly, this isn't even that complex? Do we really care about sports THIS MUCH? You all know I'm a Buckeye Fan, and I absolutely believe kids at OSU would do the same thing. Towns that are insane about their football teams literally cannot see outside of their fanatacism. It is a religion. And whereas I wanted Tressel's resignation the moment I saw the emails that he knew about our scandal and did nothing? These "fans" are in the street protesting the firing of a man who knew about one of his coaches ANALLY RAPING A 10 YEAR OLD in the showers on CAMPUS, yet never going to the police. What? Is this really still about football to those kids? Huh? That's why this video is so upsetting to me:
The anti-intellectualism and immaturity in that video is mind boggling. Presumably, at it's SIMPLEST, these idiots feel that because Joe Paterno didn't himself rape these kids, this is unfair. That's the brain power of a 6 year old. At some point that SIX YEAR OLD matures and understands the liability of knowing about a crime and not reporting it. I would even argue that not reporting a one-time MURDER is less of a "sin" than a child rape, because not every murder is SERIAL - yet I've never heard of a child rapist that stopped at ONE. Joe Paterno is absolutely liable for every kid harmed by that animal after he knew. It is a lack of integrity and character that is so sickening, I can barely type this without having to calm down for a bit. Sandusky brought in a LOT of money to the school, and heaven forbid this got out... so let's just tell the president and have his KEYS taken away, and we'll keep him at the school in a different capacity. WHAT? WHHHHHHHHHHHAT?
You have to wonder the motivation for such complicity. Because, none of us would think like that. If I was in a famous rockband, and found my drummer BUTT FUCKING a 10 year old, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't think about the RECORD CONTRACT we have, and just tell the other band members. I don't care if it's a family member, your best friend, your father, your husband, your wife... this is an easy scruples question. So you have to wonder if Paterno was somehow involved, or if he honestly held his football legacy in such high regard that he wanted to bury this... but then, why the fuck would this guy still be AROUND? Some reports say they knew of his past as early as 1998, but there's no doubt that he was told of the shower incident in 2002, simply told his boss... and then went ABOUT HIS BUSINESS. Didn't follow up? Didn't wonder why this guy was still around? Is football THAT powerful? Is "LEGACY" that important? And what IS your legacy Mr. Paterno? What did you stand for all those years?
YOU. You stood, for YOU. That was more important than standing up for the most innocent among us. We crucify Michael Vick for what those under him did to DOGS yet college kids stand in the streets in rousing support of the beloved accessory to child rape? Fuck this. If this is "higher learning", I'm telling my kids to drop out and join the peace corps. I've never witnessed anything like this in my life. And listen, I'm not completely unaware that college kids will usually go anywhere there's a gathering without it "meaning" anything. They're drunk, there's people... "Hey, let's go over there..." But there's no denying they were chanting "WE WANT JOE". So, pardon me if I rant here...
This is what is so dangerous about religion. A dogma that you put ABOVE your common sense. You don't think football is a religion? Seriously? Where else have people excused child rape in an effort not to tarnish legacy? All the while chanting some phrase to someone or something they hold dear. Priests weren't arrested, they were MOVED TO ANOTHER CHURCH. This is exactly the same. When the institution becomes more important than the well-being of those within it? It's too big. Football, is too big. This makes me want to "occupy" stadiums. What the fuck has happened to our society?
Please let this be a crossroads for every single football fan in this country. To put things back in perspective. Just as I believe the priest scandals that have swept through the Catholic Church the past couple of decades has been a wake up call to many Catholics. When institutions become a business? They're no longer about spirituality or teaching kids the fundamentals of life through sports. They become EVIL. Upholding the institution becomes the only priority. Churches used to be the last vestage for the sick, the defenseless... the children. And now? They're big business. College football used to be about honor, teamwork, sacrifice and school spirit. Now it's completely about money. Now we're using these kids to make BIGGER SCHOOLS. Bigger buildings. Bigger legacies. Now we're ignoring CHILD RAPE ON SCHOOL PROPERTY to keep the institution growing.
What the fuck. Wake up.