3:27 PM, Monday, November 7th, 2011:
With my phone. I mean. With my phone.
I made "I'll Tell You What" with my iPad which is pretty much the same thing... but for some reason it just feels different to do this on my phone. I sat on a couch for 5 minutes while waiting for Talya and her mother to get ready and just sung into my phone and made this up. My cell phone. I'm still kinda amazed I have a device that I can speak into and talk to people all over the world wherever they are. And now this? I could easily make an entire album, professionally on my phone with the $4.99 GarageBand app. Actually, it was free once it was released last week because I had already bought it on my iPad a few months ago. I would need a little attachment so I could plug in a real microphone, etc... but uhm, we're talking about my CELL PHONE. It is the gadget of my lifetime. This is bigger than the PC boom.
Smartphones are a whole different stratosphere as far as life-changing devices. Every song you've ever thought of is seconds away, any time you want, on your phone. Nearly every TV show or movie you can think of is seconds away, any time you want, on your phone. Thousands upon thousands of videogame in every genre seconds away, anytime you want, on your phone. Videophoning at wi-fi hotspots and to the jailbreakers out there - on 3G as well, seconds away, any time you want. Every piece of information to answer every single question you may have, seconds away, any time you want. And now? Creation. And this is where I get inspired...
Everything I mentioned above is "fun" and with information online, it can be useful. Being able to create music? I mean, not just ideas, but honest-to-goodness flesh out what I believe will produce a #1 song someday? ON YOUR PHONE? It suddenly becomes therapy for me. I know I've mentioned it before, but as a songwriter, ideas come quickly and kinda haunt you until you can record them and move on. I used to leave myself voicemail messages of melodies just so I wouldn't lose it... but this? What? Man, I only think musicians can appreciate the professionalism of the GarageBand app (again for $4.99, wtf) what you can just plug your guitar into or use the "smart" instruments then lay down some vocals and voila... ANYWHERE. You're stuck on a car ride - BOOM. On an airplane, voila. On the TOILET. It's a just... ridiculous.
Now, I had the same eureka about the iPad and after making this song, it occurred to me that I should probably produce an album completely on this device just 'cause it's that inspiring. I suddenly thought of iPadam. Right? An album of songs created on the iPad by me. All fun, quirky, happy type melodies that stick in your head, that are about 2 minutes, that are fun to listen to. I mean, the name is perfect: iPadam. I was able to get "iPadam.com" and really look forward to finding all the sounds I can and making a vocal driven catchy album much like "Robot Monster". The world is more than sick of my ballads. And I'm far too goddamn happy and upbeat for that shit. Once I get one song complete, I'll make a little trailer for the album and "release" the site that will give snippets throughout the writing process. No idea when it'll be done, but I assume early in 2012. I don't want to labor over this. Quick, quirky and fun. Similar to the Late Show Songs in the '90s.