11:13 AM, Tuesday, October 22nd, 2011:
Shortest memories in the world. Americans. Wish you were all accountable to a blog so you'd have no choice but to throw your hands up and say:  "Wow, he did exactly what he said he would." Then step back, clap, and thank the man for defining leadership when it comes to how to defend our country. It's stunning to me. Bush made me think our military was filled with complete morons. Come to find out, they were poorly directed. Bush is the "George Lucas" of presidential administrations complete with coming back every so often to REWRITE HISTORY. Thankfully, the history books will be remarkably clear about the year 2011, when Barack Obama literally did everything right when it came to foreign policy. From focusing on Bin Laden and actually killing him, to the right way to handle ousting a dictator (support a movement, don't start one), and now to ending the biggest foreign policy blunder since Vietnam (and deabateably EVER). I never, ever, ever thought our country would have a year like this and it has absolutely restored my faith in what elected officials can do. That is what I'm thanking President Obama for today. Being competent. But now, because so many people reading this cannot process how someone who thinks he's conservative could support this president, I have to write all THIS shit...
Just because you are agenda driven, doesn't mean I am. Just because you can't be impartial, doesn't mean I can't be. Just because you don't know history, doesn't mean I don't. And if you aren't proud of the fact that we're ending this war, you either don't have the facts or won't listen to them. Either way, that is a deficiency on YOUR part, not mine. The facts are available and if you're reading this, that means you could also read those. This doesn't make me liberal. This doesn't make me conservative. Our country made a massive blunder, and we corrected it. That's it. I wasn't against Iraq because I am against all wars in general, just this one. My political affiliation is "REALIST", and all those that confuse supporting our president with "socialism" need to OPEN A BOOK. FUUUUUUUUUUCK. Annnnnnd we're OFF!
Ya know why I support this president? It's not because I backed him so strongly because truthfully, the moment he won? I was done. I was happy. To me? It was his ROAD to the white house that I was in love with. A black dude with the worst political name of all time still being able to achieve the freaking WHITE HOUSE. Yes, I was that superficial and happily admitted it. I did have the pet issue of our disastrous foreign policy and had he been a Republican like McCain saying we'd stay there for 100 years I would not have supported him... but the reason I fell in LOVE with the 2008 campaign was undoubtedly what a great inspirational story it was. THAT spoke to me. The guy who was trying to achieve seemingly impossible dreams. That was my relation. So, as I did with Bush once he was elected, I supported the administration and hoped we were successful. Until you fuck something up? I'm gonna root for you. Seems kinda American to me to want us to succeed. I supported going into Afghanistan in 2001 (even though I thought it was a bit overkill to go in with jets and bombing runs when it was a small group we were looking for), I even suspended disbelief about Iraq at the beginning... then of course the UN wouldn't go along with it - AND WE WENT IN ANYWAY. And that's where you started to lose me. Then a year after "Mission Accomplished" I realized, "hey, uhm, why are we still there?". And he lost me. I was gone. I felt duped, I was angry, I went to DC and marched. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Obama got the same treatment except I actually had expectations of him beCAUSE of all the shit Bush did. He had my support until he did something to lose it. And there are some things I'm upset with. This bullshit war against marijuana and the states that have legalized the medicinal use? Fucking insane. And I don't even smoke the shit (another example of me not having bias), it's just the WRONG thing to do. He was clear he didn't want to legalize it during the campaign but to go against users as criminals is a totally different story. The Christmas Day Bomber even getting ON the plane when he was on the terrorist list? Fucking bullshit. Get your SHIT together. I am not biased. I'm the guy who even when watching his beloved Buckeyes will side with the CORRECT replay call even if it goes against my best interests. It is the foundation of how I operate, so BELIEVE me, if Obama does some shit I don't like - I scream it! Hell I look for it... but the truth is (and honest to shizzle, no one can refute this) he has surpassed what I thought he could do. The two years he had before the Republicans got the house were incredible successes legislatively and this year (since the Republicans can't block every move) has been so overwhelmingly competent I am in awe. Unfortunately however, I'm even more in awe with our media's ability to keep the drama up by downplaying achievements, stirring up supposed weaknesses and propping up Republican candidates. Nothin' hurts the corporate media's bottomline like a lopsided contest so you'd better believe this will be close. Obama should just run his campaign promises and then run the speeches where he announces that he did exactly what he said he would do. It should make everyone PISSED at our media for not showing that. That's their goddamn job. "Wait, he did all this shit? I thought everyone hated him and he accomplished nothing?" 50 years ago, we would be proud of our administration's competency because the media would report it. Today? The leading Republican candidate proudly announces he doesn't know the leader of "Uzbeki-beki-stan-stan" and gets an INFLUX of money. America, you get exactly what you deserve here. If you actually believe there is a better leader for this country than Obama, you absolutely deserve him or her. If you're so concerned about your tax rate, feel free to oust the president who lowered your taxes twice because your news channel told you he raised them. My roomate was surprised when I mentioned that the Bush tax cuts hadn't expired. He was certain they had. Think about that for a second. He's not stupid, he just watches Fox News from time to time to hear "both sides", and somehow that's what he believed. Of course he believed that. Because before he was elected, do you all remember what the right said he would do? Now just because he came in, did NONE of that shit (and fact many could argue he has been a very good centrist Republican president), they still have to say he did to get back power. So... basically:
"He'll raise your taxes!"
(he lowers them)
"He raised your taxes!"
That's not a "side". You're not hearing a "side" when you watch Fox News, you're succumbing to a bigger lie. A lie SO big, that you sub-consciously believe the "other side" must be lying just AS big (welcome to the world of false equivalency) and suddenly the window of right/left is so skewed that what used to be a very moderate/right view is now FAR LEFT. THAT is the danger of Fox News. Not that they're biased or pushing an agenda, but that people equate it with a generational definition of "Conseravative" that couldn't possibly be further from the truth. Eisenhower would be outraged. Hell, Pro-union Reagan wouldn't even get into a Republican DEBATE in 2011. The Republican Party is a goddamned nut house.
But no matter what happens, 2011 is in the books. It may be the last time I'm proud of my country for years to come, but it sure feels good right now. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr. President. This was absolutely my pet issue and you kept your word to a stunning degree and then some...
..thank you, thank you, thank you.