10:20 AM, Tuesday, October 18th, 2011:
Yay! Randy-andy-andoms. Up first? The meth tooth.
1) The Meth Tooth
I'm in the process of getting a permanent crown (my 11 year old bond was browning pretty intensely) and the process is pretty... well, awesome to me and repulsive to everyone else. I'm gonna do a full entry on it when it's done as the timeline for this tooth is pretty intense. For now you get to look at the nasty thing ever, what happens when you drill a tooth down to a nub and it sits like that for a few days.
HOLY SHIT. No wonder my mom cried when I initially snapped it in half as a kid. I now have a brown, dead, meth tooth. Isn't that... AWESOME? I mean, I have a temporary to cover that up, but fuck that! I've had more fun taking the temporary out and screwin' with people in the past week. HA. Of course, I had to make a video...
2) Brush Your Teeth
The funny thing is? Everyone thought this was fake when I uploaded it a few days ago. I'm sure it'll be a bit more repulsive when they realize it wasn't. I have no idea why I think grossing people out is so funny (the nail scene from the documentary comes to mind) I think I just like all emotional reactions in entertainment. You know? Make you laugh, make you cry, make you shudder in horror... it's all fun to me. I just like being moved one way or another when I experience art and enjoy returning the favor. <shrugs>
3) Flavor of the Month
Herman Cain? Suuuuuuuure. Like it or not Republicans, it's Romney. I've said it's Romney since 2008 when I was hangin' around him at the Obama/McCain debates. If the Barbie company made a presidential candidate, it would look like Romney. He looks like a president, sounds like a president and honestly? He can totally win. That's why he'll get it. Republicans want Obama out so bad, they just don't give a shit who it is... and they secretly know the super-crazies can't win a general election. The most centrist of the whackos is gonna get the nomination.
4) Open a Book
The cries from the right wing before Obama was president and now? Are identical. Even though nothing they said would happen before, ever did. Isn't that strange? I like to think I was so adamently against Bush (the only president I have EVER had that type of issue with) because of actual things that happened. There's not a whole lot of wiggle room with Iraq, ya know? That actually happened. Not a whole lot of wiggle room with Katrina, that actually happened. The right wing painted the most liberal socialist picture of Obama they could before... and he did NONE of that shit. To my surprise and many Democrats' surprise. If anyone should be pissed it's the left-wing progressives. Obama has been so goddamned centrist I believe he's a few bills away from being a very good Republican president. From his handling of foreign affairs, military actions, to unfreakingbelieveably big tax cuts, to the least amount of new spending of any president in generations... uhm, if you're a conservative and you're angry with Obama? You may want to do some research. Now, if you're a liberal and you're angry with Obama? I hear you. He did take the center route to get things done to the behest of a progressive agenda. I would also argue that after the 2010 elections? There was no other route to take. You can only play the hand you're dealt and the American people handed him a Republican House. <shrugs> Considering that? He accomplished a ridiculous amount in his first 2 years and it's so mind-numbingly even and balanced there's really fuck-all you can say against it...
...yet the right continues to act like that isn't true. My roomate Jon who isn't really into politics, but hears a little here and there actually believed that Obama let the Bush tax-cuts expire. Now, I guess you could say he's just not paying attention very well... but if you listen to the right? You would think he did a zillion (totally legit number - lol) things that he never did. They act like Obamacare is, as Obama himself said, "A Bolshevik plot". Which (in that amazing moment where he stood in front of the Republicans at that event in early 2010) he went onto say was going to hurt their ability to GOVERN. He was right. 'Cause look what happened when they got into power? They couldn't GOVERN. Because they made things attached to Obama so EVIL, that when it came time to actually compromise and get things done? They couldn't. Their consituency demanded intolerance to the EVIL. You have a media that is stirring up people into these black and white corners and we're all GREY. Obamacare is the 1993 REPUBLICAN counter to Clinton's attempt at healthcare. Yet in order to win political favor they painted it as death panels and government spending (the CBO scored it as actually LOWERING the debt over 10 years because of costs saved). None of what the right is saying is actually true.
And you know who is to blame for this? Obama. He stopped campaigning once he was sworn in (until last month) and let the Republicans drive the narrative while he focused on governing. In today's world? You never stop campaigning. Sad, but true. May be a fatal re-election mistake, and we'll see. The Republicans are brilliant politicians though. And the corporate media is easily the biggest threat to our freedoms. Without a doubt.
5) Occupy Wall Street
Impossible to mention this without mentioning how the corporate media is telling this story. Thankfully, the internet seems to be fueling it pretty well. The whole 99% thing needs very little explanation. It does however need a point. And other than being pissed at the banks, I'm not sure what they want done. What I will never understand however, is how this can be painted as a "liberal" movement. At what point do people stop two party thinking? How far does it have to go? How big do the banks have to get? 4 or 5 companies own nearly EVERYTHING now. The lack of regulations on the banks is criminal. If we're gonna bail them out (which I was fine with, it was a loan, the government MADE money on that), there has to be regulations on what they do with the money. Has to be. We can't bail them out and then have them sit on the money, pay the CEOs millions in "bonuses" and never ever lend. The economy will stall. But you can honestly thank Bush for that one. His last big moment for riding off into the sunset. Again, no problem with the bailout - smart move - but zero restrictions on it? Dumb.
This is something that affects all of us. Every possible denomination, skin color, political affiliation. Listening to Fox News paint the movement as liberal? Is dangerous to your health. Think.
6) If you're not rich, we'll take your money
Now this is the shit that started the Occupy Wall Street movement. These goddamn bank fees are insane. The rules of banking before were simple. In fact, Schoolhouse Rock did songs about it. It's simple:
-The banks pay you a little bit of money, if you keep your money in their bank, they loan it to people at a higher rate, they make money, you make a little money. Voila.
-In the 80s (blame Reagan or the Democratic Congress, makes no difference - it happened) they deregulated the banks. Big time. Little by little the regulations disappeared.
-By the middle of the first decade of this century, these lack of regulations lead to the stupidest loans ever. You don't pay the interest, or you pay half of this the first month, more the second, whatever you want the third... or if you have a heartbeat and you can "state" your assets or job you get a million dollars, etc. That shit blew the fuck up. Economy meltdown, depression. We bail them out.
-But they're worried about loaning money now, it's not a good risk. So they figure instead of that? They'll just CHARGE you to keep your money in their bank. Charge you. The $5 charge to even have a debit card was apparently the last straw which started the media spotlight on Occupy Wall Street. I spoke to my banker guy (who is really cool) and he said they brought 'em all in and explained that this is all in an effort to get people used to the idea of paying for the "Service" of banking. What, the, fuck.
It makes me want to buy guns, and put my money in a mattress. I'm kidding (kind of) but what it did do, was make Talya and I get rid of every single account (except one shared one) so we could avoid all this shit. Citibank mailed her and said starting in November she had to have a $6000 AVERAGE DAILY BALANCE or she was charged $15 a month. Mother. Fucker. What? They already had the $1500 Average/$10 fee bullshit, and now they're going to this? Literally saying:  "If you're not rich, we will take your money." Now, tell me Occupy Wall Street is "liberal".
7) The Golden Crash
In a stunning turn of events, yet not the least bit shocking as a participant of "The Journey", HBO shutdown their entire in-house Casting Department, thus destroying my "in" there. As you may remember, not much of an "in" as unfortunately there were ulterior motives to the meeting. In fact, that entry is locked isn't it? Hmmm. Well, sumbitch. Don't know what to say now. Let's just say that if you were HBO and you got wind of what seemed like was going on through that department? You would've fired the shit out of them. So, although shocking that it actually happened and so quickly? It sounds about right for this story. I really do smile at that. It was a longshot anyway, so it's not like Friedman getting fired from CBS and losing Up & Adam, but it's another notch on one helluva belt. Fo sho.
8) Film Festivals
It's weird even writing it because it feels like you're all watching the death of Adam as we know it. That uber-productive guy who believed in everything and pushed and pushed and pushed. I know I need to do it, and there are some deadlines in November? But I'm completely apathetic to all things documentary-related... and honestly? Career related. I've been typing the same thing for over a year, but I type it out of pure astonishment. Who am I? A guy who came really close to ending it all last year and is so grateful to be alive he loves every second he's here. That guy. A guy who would just rather focus on other people around me whom I love than spend any time (other than this paragraph) thinking about me. What a boring goddamn topic I am. LOL.
9) iSubmit
A $70 iPhone 4 was too good a deal to pass up and I'm officially back to the 21st Century:  I have texting. Yes, the man who waited until 2009 to get a texting phone, then CeBe ate it a few months later so I went back to my Razr... that man is back. I still feel it's overkill, I still think I don't NEED it, but my iPad has changed my life and to have a mini-one to take with me everywhere? Seems like a good deal to me. It honestly would've made more sense had they released them backwards. 'Cause to me? The iPad is the device to end all devices and the iPhone is a miniature version of it. Oh well, Jobs probably knew what he was doing. ;)
10) Shit.
Oh and I really didn't mean to be so right on that one. I saw the TMZ picture of Jobs at the end of August and said on Facebook:  "He won't see Halloween". Uhm, yeah, shit. I mean, I have personal experience with that cancer and he went well beyond what anyone I had ever heard of was able to... but when I saw his state in that picture, I knew he had weeks not months to live. Sad. It's all been said before but I do agree - he was our Einstein, he was our Edison. He changed our lives forever and we'll understand that even more in 5 years. This is just the beginning.
11) Too funny not to share
Curious to see what "Palmolive" was up to a year later, I went to her Facebook page and boy did I get a laugh. She knew exactly what she was doing here.
HAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Now, I'm a big fan of re-branding a place (something I want to do with Disneyland soon because of "Palmolive"), but the context is crucial to where cute ends and creepy begins. "Palmolive" went loco, accused me of giving her cat worms (best instant message ever) and literally lost it. One of the more impressive meltdowns I've ever witnessed. Blocked, ignored (until she heard I got a callback and then she called to congratulate, ever the opportunist - seriously, she's a great manager) the whole nine. So her attention to detail to make it exactly the same is bizarre. Not only is it the same place and time of year, etc. She picked out the exact same outfit and accessories. Out of hundreds of options at that place. You go back there and it's just rows and rows of dresses, hats, etc. The only way you're able to recreate that is having the picture with you and trying to "make a point". Or she's so crazy she had no idea. Honestly not sure.
I on the other hand have helped, say, Ann Walker "rebrand" Paris in 2009 as the last time she went with her late husband, it was a bad experience. But we didn't go to specific places and re-enact them. As another example I did a New Year's video with Talya that was reminscent of ones with Jess... but I did them out of love for BOTH. You know? It was my way of saying to those watching that Talya was very special. I was once again domesticated, happy at home, counting down the seconds of the year with a nice glass of champagne, settled down. That's kind of an artsy way to tell a story with symbolism that only the readers of a full decade would appreciate. The peacefulness I felt with Jess was something to celebrate as I was there again...
...this "Palmolive" shit however makes me want to buy that poor bastard a beer. Suffice it to say she HATES me, is vindictive, angry... just all things negative. So to stage that? Whew. I honest to goodness just hope they're both OK. Because the craziness that fills the beginning, middle, and end of that day is an exhaustion I am light years away from.
12) The Incredible Story of Us
Remarkably? Without "Palmolive" there is no Talya. Yes, tomorrow I will finally tell the story of how Talya and I met exactly one year ago on October 19th. It's remarkable how random it was, how much we told each other we had no interest and a couple months later realized we were home. Life will continue to have highs and lows, but when you're home? You go to bed happy.