1:17 PM, Saturday, October 8th, 2011:
I actually don't feel old, it was just a cute title. I am however, a cementing fool. And this entry is more of a documentation of just how many pounds I moved all over the place, yet can somehow still walk. Not bad for a man who turns 36 tomorrow...
...and to celebrate that? I figured I'd use the background version of "Thursday" for this entry's video that I wrote and recorded, sigh, 20 years ago at 16. Amazing that that makes me smile with pride and not cry with nausea. Life, is, grand.
There's something particularly twisted about yelling at your dogs for three days not to walk on the cement and then putting their paws in it at the end. LMAO. CeBe in particular was like: "WOAH. WOAH. I'm trying to move away, you canNOT blame this shit on me. You literally put my paw in this. WHAT THE FUCK."
So seriously, what the hell am I doing? Well, to understand this I have to take you all the way back to 2003...

Jess and I paid thousands to have soil brought in, a sprinkler system put in, and grass laid down. The sprinklers were shitty - they would break if you walked NEAR them which then meant for the rest of the afternoon you would dig a massive hole around it, cut the pipe and reattatch a new sprinkler. Hours. You do this about 3 or 4 times and you realize that this simply isn't gonna work. You can't even mow your lawn without accidentally knockin' one out.

You need to re-pipe the entire yard and you'll ruin the grass. Time passes, you try to water it by hand (TWICE A DAY) and eventually, you just can't keep up. The grass dies. Oh and check out what was on the old patio in chalk...
Ha. I had totally forgotten I tried to draw a 4-Square court on that old patio. Funny what that became. :)
So the deck was a great way to ignore the "dirt yard" in my backyard, but around the deck was this shitty sand-type shit that got EVERYWHERE. I then realized that they never brought in the soil they said they did, because nothin will grow on it. It's sand, we are in the desert. I could repipe-it now, get an assload of soil and put in the better sprinklers to grow grass again... or I could just cover it with something. I checked out the fake grass they have now (really impressive actually) but it's lik $4 a square FOOT. At 300+ square feet just around the bottom and right side of the deck?  That's not happening. I thought of gravel, I thought of wood chips (which would ALL be in our bed within a week - thank you LeeLoo), and all that was really left was cement. Extending the driveway up to the deck. What I didn't realize was just, how, hard that shit would be.
I broke it up into 3 sections. The first section took Twenty-one 90 pound bags. 90 pound bags that I had to move SIX times. From the store to the cart (1), from the cart to my car (2), from my car to my dolly (3), from my dolly to the ground (4), from the ground to the wheel barrow (5), and finally mixed with 12 more pounds of water, move it to it's final resting place and smooth it out (6). Holy shit. Day one was 2,142 pounds of cement (1,890 dry before adding water). What the hell, right? That was just one section. Then it rained for the first time in 5 months (of fucking COURSE Murphy) the next day and then the following day I did the 2nd section (19 more bags; 1,938 pounds) and the next day the 3rd section (19 more bags; 1,938 pounds) for a grand total of 6,018 pounds of cement. Yes, over 3 freaking tons which incredibly only cost $200. Had I hired people to do that? It would've cost easily $1500 (and that's illegal alien prices). Who knew if you do it all yourself it can be so cheap? But it certainly did a number on my body...
...or did it? I mean, I definitely feel tired... but I'm not that sore. My hands are kind of sore, my muscles are simply drained of energy - but I'm not sore. I feel like I'm in the shape of my life. Talya nor Jon could even pick UP one of those bags and I did 60 of em 6 times EACH. Hell, yes. Here's to being in your mid-thirties!
As well as being a glutton for physical punishment I think Talya officially knows I have the most ridiculous work ethic of anyone she's ever met. Not sure people realize that when it comes to my "virtual" life online with video, etc. People watch a video and they just haven't the slightest idea what "cutting out each ego frame by frame" really means. Trust me, it's harder and more time consuming than moving 3 tons of cememnt by yourself. What I've done the last two weeks has been a VACATION to me. A well-defined goal, well-defined path to get there and a well-defined belief that I can get it done. As I've said for over a decade, "oh what I'd give for that in my career". I had it with CBS and The Egos and when you watch the last season? Those 13 episodes? I've never pushed myself so much or produced so efficiently. Well defined goal, well defined time frame (work for 40 straight hours) and the people around me to help complete it (make-up guy, sound-guy, camera-guy) as well as an incredible place like Television City to shoot it.
Anyway, that's miles away and after I finish painting the cement (gonna do a deep brown to match the deck - sounds crazy, but you'll get it when you see it finished) I'll be back in that career/virtual world trying to figure out what festivals to attack.
And yes, this has absolutely been a mental vacation from that world because I simply do not have the drive to keep pushing the documentary. I will submit it to some festivals ONLY because of this site. ONLY because it's the proper end to the arc of that story. It deserves to be seen in a few festivals and I believe it will, I just have to get a little excitement going and work out those copyright issues. Ugh.
But tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm gonna enjoy it. In fact, I'm working on an entry about just how happy I am and how technically entering my late 30s fills me with pride. Weird, right? The older I get the prouder I am of my accomplishments. There is a twinge of frustration about what could have been, of course, but it doesn't define me. My ability to produce does.
I am the energizer bunny.