3:29 PM, Saturday, September 17th, 2011:
The amount of events that had to transpire to make this a head shaking picture is spectacular:
And for those of you who haven't followed The Journey for over 4 years, here's a video that explains everything at lightening speed...
Amazing isn't it? Oh and in case it wasn't clear enough in the video, Carson is indeed still on the air having switched back to his music format after Fallon was announced as Conan's replacement. It is a much better show, the show he should've always been doing and looking back on the last decade, the "talk show" type show he tried to do is just a weird blip in a strong music-based interviewing career. As a comedian he is just... whew. It just doesn't work in that setting. Random funny comments during an interview? Totally capable. I don't think people realize what a skill/talent it is to have a comedian's chops (I do not have it). You can't just be "funny". You have to be much, much more.
And, well, clearly - I'm nowhere near even his worst show. Which is why it takes quite a bit of humility to put this video together and tell this story. "Cooking For Carson" is a great bit -- if you're on the air against him. If you're sitting at home bloggin? It's remarkably pretentious and arrogant. <shrugs> I had to make the best show for if I was on the air and still think it would've been a funny weekly bit. Just never got the chance. Ahh well, you just keep on keepin' on.
Also, how funny is Talya's father's response to Carson hearing we were getting married? LMAO. He asks me if I'm sure about it and Allan goes, "Do you know Adam?!?!" HAAAAAAAAAAAA. That's just awesome. "Oh, so you're aware this guy marries often?" HA. For the record, as I said in the video, Carson hasn't a clue who I am. Nothing I ever did concerning him ever aired on CBS. And, well, it wouldn't work now if it was. He's a normal weight and doesn't come off like an absolute ASS on his show anymore.
And congrats to Allan for being a subscriber to The Greek Theater for 37 freaking years. That's... that's unbelieveable. His portion should be on the air Tuesday night if you'd like to TIVO Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC.
The procrastination on the edit kinda has to stop now...