1:55 PM, Friday, September 2nd, 2011:
Love the "embers". I make October an honorary ember just 'cause it's sandwiched between September and November. I mean, what the hell can it do? But the last four months of the year almost always seem to house the best of the year with November being ridiculous with the amount of life changing events that happen. I figured I'd do a random type entry as a bunch of things have kinda happened as we transitioned into the embers this year... so I made a little video that will be all sorts of cryptic until I explain it all in the randoms below.
The Trumpeteer
First up, a new tenant - and a new musical instrument. Keith was a bass player, Sean was an a capella singer (man, I don't think I ever mentioned him), Connor was a sound engineer and now we have Jon the trumpet player. I'm a big fan of colorful characters in life and when you rent out a guesthouse you certainly find them. Ironically, his big issue was needing a place to practice... and honestly - that's an entry all to itself for later. For now, I get to stop annoying people on Facebook looking for a new tenant. :)
Annual German Girls
And no, I didn't become deathly ill with alcohol poisoning while attempting a funny Indiana Jones video with these two. Amazingly, almost a year to the date of 2010, couchsurfing.com struck again and Talya and I hosted two girls from Germany who were seeing the sites in LA.
Sorry, there was just no good shot as it was uber-bright. LOL.
As it has always been, hosting couchsurfers from the site was very fun. I love meeting people from other countries and hearing the different perspectives on things. These girls were hardcore "Clark Grizzwald" on seeing the sites though. They left every morning, came back LATE and saw more of this city in a week than I have in a decade. One thing I noticed that was very sweet (actually Talya noticed), they would immediately speak english with each other if we were within earshot. You don't realize how considerate that is until you've been in other countries and had the opposite happen (hell even here when managing a restaurant in LA, right Jess?). It seems so minor, but it was appreciated and very sweet. Most interesting bit about our talks? Their jaw-dropping shock at our health care system. Trying to explain it to them was probably the equivalent of trying to explain how video on the internet works to Abraham Lincoln. Leave the country and talk to the locals... we are the third world country in several respects. It is a racket out here. And you have rednecks protesting AGAINST "Obamacare" which barely even gets us on the MAP it's so weak in comparison. LOL. You just have to giggle at the Tea Party, man. The fight for exactly what they say they're against.
Happiness and Heat
All complete excuses for why my workout has stalled, but it just goes to show that die-hard passion for "achieving" isn't what it used to be. This workout will easily take twice as long as I thought it would (though I may be around 165 on the 21st instead of 160 like I said a few entries back). Truth is? I don't have the drive. I'm still doing it, but it's really hard when you're really happy. Oh, and it's a nice 100+ hot streak lately. But that's bullshit, 'cause heat has never bothered me... the happy thing however... yeah. Anyway, I'm writing this for accountability because I lost like 15 pounds and then just really wanted to eat shit and lay in bed and watch Roseanne with Talya. :) Back on track now.
Also, the puppies always love me after I run. It's gross, but funny, that they try desperately to lick the sweat off me knowing that I'm 2 seconds from being annoyed and pushing them away... then they run back up and continue. That video was after doing a 5k in 26:35 which is only 6 full minutes off my highschool time. That blows my freaking mind. How the hell did I run that in 20 minutes as a kid? I usually do it in 30 minutes so I'm glad I was able to even get to the 26's. I still think I must be running like a full half mile further than I was at 16. That, or 20 goddamn years have passed. (sigh)
Location, Location, Location!
So we're juuuuuuuuuust about done with all the wedding planning, and the shot in the video is from the Brae Mawr country club. Gorgeous view, very nice place (extremely affordable to anyone in the LA area who may be looking). We went to an open house there (still looking for a DJ) and were able to partake of a shitload of appetizers and free drinks. Fun. When did this "cocktail" hour become standard fare at weddings? I know I haven't really put one on in 11 years but they sure do nickel and dime you nowadays. Didn't you use to have the wedding, then go to the reception... voila? Now you need to serve hors d'oeuvres in between? Weird. I think you're getting cheese and crackers at ours, 'cause we're taking pics before the wedding for light purposes so there's not gonna be a big "in between" time. Anyway, we're excited. Very fun. Happy, happy, happy.
Avoiding the re-edit
I know there are a shitload of film festivals coming up and I know I should be spending every second knocking out this re-edit to take out the copyrighted songs... but goddamn, I am so freaking done with that documentary. However once I knock these out, fix a few things up - I can easily apply to a bunch of festivals very quickly. Making it into any film festival will be a great boon to the video blogging movement and will be some much needed exposure for me for sure. Because...
Longest dry period since '02
...I'm officially "dead" in the scheme of things career wise. Nearly 2 years now with absolutely no bites. I'm entering that shitty 2002-2006 era where I was just spinnnnnnning. There is one more. I guarantee and know in my heart, there is one more lead to follow before it is all said and done, and I hope it comes from the film. If not, I'm really not sure where I go next. Then again? I've never known. LOL. There's no path for what I do... I just do everything I can wrap my brain around and produce as much content as I can. Something always clicks when I expect it least and while I'm in the midst of it I almost always think "Wow, I never in a million years would've thought THIS would've worked..." (over something else). So I just keep on keepin' on.
Cryptic Moonlight
The final part of the video is indeed a bit cryptic. It's something Talya and I have been dealing with for the entire summer which really does take up every day. Has nothing to do with us, but people close to us that has been incredibly difficult. It all seems to be coming to a head and we move onto the next phase of this... a phase I know all too well. It's not really my place to write about it, but man has it just surrounded every moment of our lives. Weird isn't it? As much as I try to document everything that shapes me... some things get kinda "generalized" over during the events, and then dealt with later. Later may be very soon, so that's good. In the end, without a doubt, everyone will be better off. That can't be argued and will be clearer as time goes on. Just sucks in the midst of it. Man, sounds like every story in The Journey doesn't it?
Alrighty - Happy Labor Day weekend, and welcome to the Embers.
<super toothy smiley grin>