8:59 PM, Monday, July 25th, 2011:
Man, two Randoms entries in a month? Lotsa stories to tell...
Soooooooooo sorry for slacking on this. I assume most people following this story are also friends on facebook and I mentioned it there, but am just now getting around to telling "The Journey". So the meeting was rescheduled at the last moment to exactly one week later, Wednesday, July 27th at 1pm. It's funny, I told some people and they were like "OMGGGGGGGGGG it must be killing you!" and I just wanted to hand them a blu-ray. 'Cause the truth is? The amount of good or bad it takes to register even a smirk out of me is so high? This didn't even occur to me. I honestly saw it as a good thing as they needed to change and not us. They apologized and we were happy to accomodate... win for me. A week? Sheeeeeeit. Try getting Comedy Central in May and shooting in November. And the meeting on Wednesday is just the beginning of waiting. Dig the wait 'cause at least you're waiting for something. :)
My cousin Lila who I sang a birthday song for in 2008 and 2009 (2010 I was in Columbus at her party) turned four today, and, well, there is no song or video. See, they just had to go have another kid. In 2009 they had another little girl, Elsa, and incredibly the day she was born I saw Paul McCartney and the following year put up a video of HIM singing "Happy Birthday" the day she was born. Pretty nifty. But what was at first a nice continuation of the original "Kenny Birthday Song" on the site... in my head became a heated sibling rivalry drama that I wasn't sure how I was going to handle it. Then I thought of my own future children and realized this is a goddamn disaster. Whatever you do for the first, you have to do for the second... and pretty soon you're in a tough spot. I have some kids, they have another... this gets crazy. So I figured I'd choose a different path while they're still 2 and 4. I'm thinking a "sister" song on a day between their birthdays? Huh? That could be fun, right? Either way it was nice to talk to Lila today who informed me that when you're 4, you go to the firefly cafe. Good to know.
3) Adam & The Tree
Any of you think this entry's title was about a wild bedroom romp? No, alas, just a tree. :-)
So remember 4 years ago when this happened?
That left a gaping hole that after 3 years of wind, took out the RIGHT side of the tree and it landed on the guesthouse last summer, but it wasn't too bad. Just kinda restin'. Well a bit more wind and suddenly it had pulled the electricity from the pole (literally ripped the wood right off the pole) and it had to be dealt with ASAP. Called the electric company, they moved the wire, and I was stuck with a hefty tree removal/trimming bill...
...except as a man who doesn't make enough to own a house? I am the tree trimmer, electrician, plumber... I have honestly never called anyone to this house except in 2003 when we were first moving in. 8 years later I'm incredibly handy and a little bit stupid. So for the journey video and a chance to be on Tosh.0 if I completely fell on my ass... Talya taped the fun. And honestly? It really was fun. :-)
About 4 places where I could truly have hurt myself. Before this I actually did fall off the roof, backwards, while hangin' onto a limb... and just landed on my feet and fell back on my butt. I'm pretty self-aware of my surroundings when I'm doin' dumb shit like this but I've said quite often I will hurt myself very badly one of these days doin' EVERYTHING myself. I just like hard work strangely. I love being able to do the work of a bunch of peeps and contributing to something. It's the same reason I produce so freaking much...
4) A Monkee and Me
That pic I promised you a couple entries back...
We all look very greasy which is strange 'cause it was a gorgeous night and incredibly cool. Sometimes flashes really suck. Micky was very kind to take this picture because he was in between talking to people he actually knew and we're just the two yahoos on the way THERE. LMAO. I usually abhor celebrity pictures like this because it gives the impression you somehow know them and it's just boring to me. But in this case... it made me think of my mom who introduced The Monkees to me. She'll think this is cool.
5) Do I know you?
Right before we went to the concert we stopped at Fred's for a bite and when I walked out I girl was staring at me looking confused, then turned to her friend. I too was confused because I was sure I knew her, but couldn't place it. I met up with Talya who was already outside and she said:  "Did you see Mischa Barton?" And I went... oh yeah... See, that's the point. At some point you just realize you work and live in the same town as these people and that's exactly what you do when you see them. "Don't I know him from somewhere?" and you go about your day.
6) Way too nice to be real
Back in April, I went with Talya and her family to see a taping of "The Talk" which is Julie Chen's version of "The View". Surreal to be in the audience, and I honestly didn't want to go 'cause it's a bit of a slap career-wise to go from co-worker to "can't even say hello to you" anymore... but I obviously didn't care too much 'cause I went. It was kinda fun. Ironically Drew Carey was there talking about The Price is Right. Too bizarre. How long ago was this?
...officially, now, a lifetime.
Anyway, afterwards we grabbed a bite at Dupar's and from our seat I saw this lady... recognize her? Mary Tyler Moore show? Her name is Georgia Engel and when I was a kid this lady creeped me the fuck OUT. Strangely, watching her now, she reminds me of my grandmother, Nana. As a kid however I focused on her cadence and that constant creepy smile and it just really weirded me out for some reason. Even watching her while in Dupar's however, it was clear how incredibly sweet and kind hearted she was. She smiled at everyone who passed and is just one of those people you're certain never has a harsh word.
Nana was one of those people and believe me, Timmy and I (my uncle) could get her to say some harsh words... but she was the most glass half full woman I've ever known. She dealt with some pretty big storms in life with an incredibly calm, smooth demeanor. I imagine Georgia to be the same...
7) CarmaAWESOME.
Holy shit let there be a monthly Carmageddon in LA 'cause that was the SHIT. People stayed the fuck home and off the streets which made those of us who did have to drive? Feel like we were in DELAWARE. If you have any LA friends on Facebook it was pic after pic of clear roads and incredible records for getting from one place to the next. Of course you could never actually have a monthly Carmageddon because people would all want to DRIVE on it, but for one brief moment - this city ran beautifully. I will never forget it. :-)
8) Negative Nancies
You know, some people really do just want to bitch. So many people would comment about Carmageddon "See, the media over-hyping everything AGAIN." And you just want to say "No, fucktard, everything worked exactly the way it was supposed to." Our local government planned extraordinarily, it publicized it extraordinarily, it executed it extraordinarily (opening nearly 24 hours earlier than expected) and they deserve a "Way to go!". There was nothing overhyped about Carmageddon, it was a massive undertaking to shutdown the 10 miles of the biggest artery in this city, both ways, for 53 hours - and they kicked ass. So, I'll be positive - congrats. They're doing it again in 2012. Let's hope it's just as smooth.
9) Run Adam, Run.
Speaking of smooth... started the ol' workout again. 'Bout the same time as last year too, strangely... Running 2 miles a day before eating, and eating less. Like I always do, losing weight the exact same way I always do down to the day. Zzzzzz. It's funny, but what to most people would be awesome - having an exact guide as to how to lose weight and keep it off - takes every bit of fun out of it. I know exactly what days in the future I will be what weight. Almost exactly down to the day. The averages are always the same, I always keep the same log, and the rate and speed is identical since the first time I logged it in 2001. Now, maintaining it? Whatever. The stress of that isn't even worth it. I don't even mind the mini-cycle so much anymore. You work out pretty intensely for 2-3 months of the year, and stay semi-active the rest of the year. I fluctuate 25-30 pounds during that "rest of the year" but that's simply how my body works. Why fight it? I'd like to shrink that fluctuation to 15-20 so it doesn't take over 2 months to get back, but otherwise? I've grown to like my Favreauitis. It keeps me sane. It works for me. If my calculations are correct I'll be breaking 160 on September 20th.
10) Fuck the GOP
Seriously fuck them in the mouth. I'm done being moderate about this issue. The GOP is taking a routine, been-done-60-times-before-for-decades vote to raise the debt ceiling and trying to cut social programs instead. It's buying 5 new cars and telling your kids they need to "tighten their belts" when it comes to buying name-brand or generic cereal. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CONSERVATIVES? Seriously, this is so fucking aggrivating to me. When Bush cut taxes on the rich and started two wars he created a debt. If you cut your hours at work, to spend more money at the casino? In a matter of time you will be fucked. The obvious solution to this is to go back to full-time at work, and cut out the casino time - NOT TELL YOUR KIDS TO EAT LESS. And you know what? Obama if this ends badly? Obama clearly made a MASSIVE blunder by agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts for 2 more years. Granted he passed a tremendous amount of legislation in that deal... but it clearly delayed recovery and may end up costing him his job. If you are on the side of the GOP in this fiasco - you are NOT paying attention. This coming from a guy who will argue the conservative side on soooooo many issues. Here's a good one for ya...
I've been tuning into conservative talk radio because I'm dying to see their spin on this. It's stupid, don't bother. But I did hear a woman talking about an old school conservative vs. liberal argument that I have always enjoyed: overprotecting our kids from getting hurt or failing. Playgrounds now might as well be made of jello and cotton balls. Monkey bars? Fahgeddaboutit. You know what you learned when you played on blacktop and metal? Cause and Effect. Failing and getting up again. And ya know how good it felt to get all the way across those bitches without falling? Or <GASP> getting on TOP of them and sitting?!!!? Half the reason I climb on my roof and use a chainsaw as an adult is because as a kid? I fell on my ass. I skinned my knee. I thought I could BMX off my front porch and nearly broke my nose. I ate dirt. And I got sick less because of it. We coddle kids to a point of protecting them from EVER failing and then when they do? They curl up into a ball and quit trying. Now, granted, I'm in the midst of a 12 year story where I fall from unbelieveable heights and keep going - so I'm a bit of a freak in this sense, but seriously being a kid in the 70s and 80s looks like modern warfare compared to a playground today. Some things, yes, I understand were kinda death traps. Even I stayed away from see-saws after a fat-kid incident. But the point was? I understood the dangers because I fell on my ass. You keep protecting your kids from anything that might hurt their feelings and you're gonna be taking care of them (like still in your house taking care of them) until they're 30. Birds kick their kids out of the nest for a reason.
OK, I'm done now.
Next up: HBO meeting.