3:49 PM, Saturday, June 25th, 2011
Exactly 1000 entries ago I played The Comedy Store and tonight I premiered my first feature length film in a movie theater. Give it up for The Journey Gods everybody, they knocked the shit out of this one. What a fantastic day. And after the last entry? The Gods are very close to making up completely for 2010. :-)
Studio 35 is one of those Columbus originals that has been a hipster hangout for nearly 40 years. A theater that serves beer and food, has a nice big screen and decor that feels like it's been there for decades because for the most part, it has.
Quick aside, 'cause other filmmakers in Columbus will want to know, the only downside (as I'm kind of a techy dork) is their digital projector is in bad shape. Some bad burn-in on white displays and blown out contrast levels overall because the bulb is hurtin'. Most in the audience wouldn't know the difference unless you showed them a new unit, but The Continent show last year did look quite a bit better. However, the ambiance outweighs the picture to such an extreme it's a no-brainer. You choose Studio 35.
As far as running the show, I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that I plug in a 16 gig USB thumb drive to a media player, and it can project a 2 hour movie on a massive movie screen in high definition that looks better than most films you see projected the old-fashioned way. This is an exciting time to be working in this medium. And for someone who is used to logistics out the ASS for a show? This was so enjoyable it will be incredibly difficult to go back to the outrageous set-ups of yesteryear.
Once the show started, and I saw the sync was good (had been having trouble with some re-renders) I sat next to Talya and watched the show with relative ease. I say that because, it's one thing to watch the difficult moments yourself, but when surrounded by your parents and loved ones, I tend to emphatically feel it through them. The movie is incredibly intense in that respect. A stranger obviously won't feel that as strongly, but there were about ten people there that didn't know me at all, and they still said it was intense. The problem is (or strongpoint, really) the more funny stuff you put in? The harder the sad parts are. Strange, right? If you make people laugh? They're more emotionally available to cry. So what I thought was making the movie less emotionally taxing, adding more funny parts, may have made it more intense. Again, not that this is a bad thing at ALL. The alternative is it being emotionally devoid and boring, and then, whats the point? The good thing is, it moves really, really fast. I even had to slow down some parts because I tend to edit too tight by default (years of making quick Journey videos I guess).
Of course the big hook with this is which way does 2000 Adam go after hearing the entire journey and obviously that will remain a secret but everyone I asked said they were surprised at his choice when the moment came. I'm really glad, because if that was a foregone conclusion the reason to stay in your seat vanishes. I believe I accomplished that.
Now I thanked Jess and Jeff in front of the audience and decided not to bring up how incredibly awkward and hard this must be for Talya because several people hadn't met her, and if they were going to after the movie, I didn't what her to be bombarded with questions. My close friends and family talked with her and understood how she feels, and believe me... the ring helps. And as Jess pointed out, the good thing is that this all took place completely before she came into the picture and it allows her to have her own unadulterated story with me. And truthfully? She loves and is inspired by The Journey. She has started her own blog that I'm gonna spotlight next month and completely gets it. And as she hung out with my first wife Burgundie, and second wife Jessica tonight? It all came together. No matter how much you believe someone, no matter how much it "makes sense", actually meeting the people involved and realize how incredibly cool they are was that final piece of understanding that will bond us for life. She even said, "Wow Adam, I would've married them.". Burgundie and Jessica are amazing women that only years later do I realize just how fortunate I was they were my first long-term relationships. It set a bar for how to be a team in a relationship that I've never left. Without them? I wouldn't be the man I am today with Talya. After going out to dinner with Burgundie and her boyfriend Aaron, and spending time with Jess, Jeff and Zoe? Talya really gets it. At no point do they feel like "mistakes" or "regrets", they feel like lifelong friends that needed to be redefined as we changed in our 20s. If only everyone could be so lucky.
What a perfect end to a perfect trip. As I've said before, I've never known this type of support in a relationship and it really does mean the world! It makes all the outside drama seem like a channel you're flipping through before you turn off the TV and cuddle in bed.
Can't wait to cuddle in our own tomorrow night. :-)
PS - I forgot to shoot anything at the show other than the marquee, but with less shots you have to be more creative. :-)