8:00 PM, Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
Announcing this at this point is kinda stupid. What was supposed to be a kick off of a month of advertising last month, has turned into a throw-away entry that no one will probably see until after the fact. <throws hands up> Oh well. Sometimes you just can't do it all. Just won't be able to pimp this premiere like I would've wanted to... but that just means it'll be a close friends and family event, and that's probably more fitting. Here's the premiere trailer...
Somethin' about the big screen, man. Sure is fun to watch stuff on that.
My focus is obviously on HBO right now and I just bought a blu-ray burner to be able to make some high-def discs for sale and festivals should HBO fall through. Maybe once more things shake down this year, I can do a proper screening in Columbus and get the media involved. It just takes a tremendous amount of work. I wonder if people know that about media, etc? Press releases, hounding the phones, shaking the hands... it looks so organic in the end... "Oh, look at that, they decided to do a story on so and so..." No, they didn't. They were bomBARDED with press releases, emails and phone calls. And the one that pushes the most? Beats out the stories that don't. You simply have to create your publicity from scratch, and it's a full-time job.
So after that rousing opening... COME ON DOWN!!!! It's gonna be the event of the century! LMAO. But seriously, I'm extremely excited for it and it was a gargantuan task to put together to say the least. If you have Facebook, please jump on and let me know if you can make it. And in case you missed it in the last entry (lol) here's the actual trailer:
See you all on Sunday!