11:52 AM, Monday, April 27th, 2011:
This really is an embarrassing day for this country. It's an absolute sign of the times. Yes, it is a sign of racial disrespect (as no other white president let alone candidate has ever put up with this) but that is nothing new. No, the sign of times I'm talking about, is the internet's ability to take the ludicrous and make it mainstream. We've hit an all-time low.
Now, the reason I shrug off the racial aspect of this is because if it wasn't this, it would be something else. Meaning - EVERY PRESIDENT deals with bullshit conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are part of not only the American fabric of politics... they are simply human nature. We are attracted to the salacious, and if we already have a disagreement with someone or something? We will not only be attracted to it, we will look for it. We meaning those of us who aren't self-aware enough to realize we're doing it. I am, and I catch myself all the time and try to correct it so I can stay impartial. Others? Not so much.
LBJ had Kennedy killed, Eisenhower was a russian spy, Reagan used astrology and was so out of it by the end Nancy ran the country, uhm Clinton was somehow involved in Iran/Contra, Dubya? Oh jesus, where do we start? It goes back forever, and ever, and ever. It isn't racially motivated that Obama has his own conspiracy theories it just so happens that this specific one... well, of course it is. Yes, non-racist people eventually jumped on it but the beginnings of this movement - DUH. This simply would never have happened with other presidents. Why? Because we all assume that the other presidents legally have their PASSPORTS, their DRIVERS licenses, uhm - people around them that would HAPPILY turn their ass in if there was some cover-up on where they lived or were born. It's also easily checked by requesting the certificate from the state. It's a no-brainer. You do realize Obama was a US SENATOR, right? Any idea the background checks he went through for THAT? This is such an easily debunked conspiracy that at ANY other time in history, this would never make it anywhere NEAR a newspaper or a television.
But, no, this is the 21st Century. We live in a time where the LEADING Republican candidate can actually say: "I heard that he was a poor student" about an opposing political figure and NO ONE CALLS HIM ON THAT. Where is our Walter Cronkite to at the very least give us some perspective on how fucking INSANE it is that we have candidates quoting "I heard" as a fucking fact. This is the shit people say around a campfire drinking beer. It is now in the mainstream press and reported as if it has legitmacy. Why? Because of the shrinking internet world we live in that allows it.
So because of that? Today, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES had to get on TV and say this:
That is jaw-dropping. That actually just happened. We should all be ashamed that our society has come to this. Again, to explain why this is so stupid for those who don't know the particulars: In 2008 he provided the only thing Hawaii gives out when you ask for your birth certificate. It's a called a "certification" of live birth. Him even doing that? Was pandering to the idiots. No other candidate has ever, ever, ever had to do this. It's unnecessary because the things that require you to prove you were born in this country are over and done with very early in your life. A passport being one of them. It's an absolute non-issue. To douse the "birther" flames during the campaign he went above and beyond and released that form. No one could deny that he was forging anything - in fact, ANYONE could call up the health department in Hawaii and pay a few bucks and get their very own copy of this. You would have to believe that the entire state of Hawaii was committing a fraud to believe this was fake. And again, legally? That's all they will release. You cannot get copies of the original long form "certificate" of live birth. They simply don't have the manpower to go into a vault, find it, and make certified copies for anyone who asks. They use the "certification" of live birth which is acceptable to everyone, everywhere.
Which is why he ignored this whole thing. In fact laughed at it. Which he should do. It was somewhat disgusting to me that those in the media even asked the question. That is not journalistic integrity. This is about as black and white a case as it gets. A couple years ago I wrote about this and said pretty succinctly: "It doesn't matter if there was some cover-up in 1961, the bottom line is - he has the paperwork, so any cover-up clearly worked." And that remains true today. But now because of (and goddamn I love him for saying this) Donald Trump the CARNIVAL BARKER, the media has made it mainstream? ?!?! He has no choice but to send his lawyers to Hawaii, and get them to grant him a special exemption to waive the law so he can get two certified copies of his long form "certification" of birth? That really happened? We waisted the taxpayer money of the people in the state of Hawaii to go through all this shit? And again, what choice did he have? It was getting more press than THE BUDGET. WARS. REAL ISSUES. The man has to get on TV and scold all of us like children. I mean, think about it - both the "certificate of live birth" and the "certification of live birth" are released by the SAME PEOPLE. Why would one be less official than the other?!?!
The most telling point in all of this? Politically it was actually a bad move. The longer this went on? The better it was for him - because he ALWAYS held the trump card (pun intended). Hell he should've waited until the day after the GOP convention when those fucking idiots actually selected a birther and then released it. LMAO. But no, in the interest of dealing with actual issues he DIDN'T play political games with this. I'm a little surprised by this because it really doesn't benefit him at all to do this now. But it should at least make the candidates and elected officials talk about shit that matters. A few quick funny things that have come from this:
-Ivalee Sinclair, the wife of the late Dr. David Sinclair who delivered Obama said she had NO idea that her husband delivered Obama as he passed away in 2003. She's shocked and her entire family is celebrating. Oddly, TMZ broke this story.
-Of course right wing news sites are rattling the birthers again by posting that "The widow of the physician listed on President Obama's purported birth certificate works on a state taskforce that advises the agency that released the document, Hawaii's Department of Health, WND has learned." She is in fact Chairman of the Special Education Task Force of the Department of Education which is responsible for "in guiding new federal laws and regulations on behalf of special needs children in Hawaii." So clearly, she doctored the birth certificate for him.
-Not to be outdone, Oily Taints, excuse me, Orly Taitz has brought up that it doesn't say NEGRO on his birth certificate, but in fact the more "PC" term "African" which wasn't the normal nomenclature in the early 60s. She is speaking to the millions of Americans that will not realize that the designation "African" is for Obama Senior, his father, who in fact was born in AFRICA. You know, that place that Sarah Palin thought was a country? Right. <shakes head> So if you dig enough on the internet you will see that the conspiracy will never die...
...but just maybe, maybe this will make people think twice before we propogate conspiracy theories. Maybe people will click a FEW more links. Just a few more. Just maybe... no, of fucking course it won't. This is only gonna get worse and we are going to make our presidential candidates focus on nothing but absolute bullshit from here on out - so by the time they get into office? They're fucking clueless as to what needs to be done to actually govern. We all get what we deserve people.
Now, for this entry's video - the documentarian in me knows exactly what to show. The editor, the promoter... it's extremely clear what fitting and very funny video goes in this entry. The boyfriend in me is cringing. The boyfriend of that dear woman's daughter is shaking his head. He's pleading with that editor to not repost that video. It's hidden in 2009 and would likely never, ever, ever be seen by that mother. But the truth is? It doesn't get much worse than this. Seriously. This, for Talya's mother Karen, has got to be the worst thing she'll ever witness from the "new" boyfriend. And I'll venture to say Talya won't want to watch this either. Especially considering that even Jessica - 5 years after she left - wrote back to me in '09 and said: "Yeah, I don't want to see that shit." This is one of those instances where your public persona and your private life are butting heads to an extreme point. However, at the end of every single one of these cringe-worthy moments? Is more closeness. I shit you not. They know I'm being honest. That I'm not hiding parts of my past for fear of egg on my face. This was a great bit from my Comedy Central pilot and it is the only video to put in this entry. Based on a true story, here it is:
Cringe, cringe, cringe. But it is funny. It is appropriate. BTW - after getting 10,000 views in a matter of hours the video was taken down by enemies that complained. I ended up having to put it on Funny or Die (which my stalker at the time enjoyed voting down into oblivion). Makes no difference, it was for the Comedy Central pilot and it served it's purpose.
Now, I do love Talya dearly. I apologize to my new family (my old family is already used to cringing at the extremely awkward moments of my life) for having to deal with this, but I will always contend that hiding these moments DISconnect us from each other and SHARING these moments force us to face and connect on a deeper level. So embrace those awkward skeletons as openly as possible. You'll find the people around you will feel a far deeper connection and you will have lifelong friends no matter what happens between you (ahem, divorce). There's no secret to why I keep those connections... it's 'cause they're actual connections. They're based on an utter lack of walls. The only people people that run from that are those who are frightened about revealing that much back. Or if they already have? The fact that you have that information. I say, give it all to the stalkers, the nosey people, the friends, the relatives... if they shun you? You saved a fuckton of time. Life is too short to be surrounded by people that are only friends with your "representative"...
...however, my representative is going to be apologizing to Talya and her mother profusely until they say it's OK, because I desperately want their approval. :-)
PS - Happy Birthday Uncle T-Bone!