11:52 AM, Monday, April 11th, 2011:
So nearly 5 years ago I wrote the entry: "The Smiling Machine".
The Wii had just been released and that first morning Paddy and I had a freaking blast. As you can see from the video it was what everyone has come to know the Wii for. An arm flailing good time...
...however, those that actually own a Wii and didn't just play it at their friend's house know a dirty little secret: that "fun" and "smiling" turns into a dust collector in a few short weeks when you realize a quick flip of the wrist is all that's needed for every game. Newbies don't realize this, thus the fun of jumping all over the place.
Of course Nintendo still sold a bajillion of those bitches, and rightfully so. It is revolutionary and inventive and a perfect party system, etc. The other 2 console makers were quick to follow suit. Sony released the Playstation Move which was a wand just like Nintendo's and Microsoft's Xbox Kinect went the camera route making YOU the controller with nothing to hold whatsoever.

It called to mind the PS2's "Eye Toy" which was remarkably lame. A camera that put the game OVER TOP of your web cam image and did a poor job at tracking you to boot. I was certain this was gonna be a flop and I giggled at how the two once mighty game systems were bumbling to compete with Nintendo...

...and then the Kinect sold 10 million units faster than any consumer electronics product in history. Huh? A quick youtube search revealed why: You actually control the player onscreen completely. It tracks you from head to toe and you're in completely 3D virtual worlds running around, dancing, etc. It's nuts. Talya and I stumbled into a Best Buy after dinner one night last week and saw the new Michael Jackson dancing game (comes out tomorrow) and were hooked. Found the Kinect used online for $99 and well, that's how you get a video like this...
Duh. What a brilliant evolution of Nintendo's Wii. As you can see, there's no way to cheat this. It tracks your entire body and simply put - it will kick your ass. Especially for someone like me who tends to be a "completist" when it comes to games. Wanting to get every single achievement and high score, etc. I've had no choice but to stop playing 'cause after an hour or so, I can barely stand. Absolutely brutal workout and a great kickoff to my weight loss that I'm going to go through for the next 2 months (yes, love has put on the pounds as it always does).
I cannot say enough about this technology. It's a 3D camera that somehow is able to track you even when it's pitch black. It also has a microphone so you can voice activate everything. Honest to goodness no need for a controller of any sort. And the best part is? You're not STUCK with only gaming like that. You still have your Xbox 360 for other games. 'Cause clearly this kind of controlling isn't for every genre. My friend Rhett was saying it'd be cool for shooting games and war games like Call of Duty and I replied: "Dude, war sucks. And holding a gun towards the screen and standing for more than about 10 minutes would suck a BUNCH." Some games are perfect to sit back on a couch and use a controller. And vice-versa, using a controller for the game that Talya and I were playing in the video would be a friggin' snoozefest. This is a genre of game, not something to build your entire console around.
Anyway, been a long time since I pimped a game system. Honestly after that Nintendo Wii entry 5 years ago? I all but quit gaming all together. I got so busy with CBS and ever since have had a million other things I'd rather be doing. For the most part I still feel that way, but right now the biggest thing I can do for my career is lose weight, so this is coming in handy. I can't do my iPad Comic routine for another 15-20 pounds, so I guess I'm just forced to go play that game some more.