11:22 PM, Friday, March 11th, 2011:
And then, suddenly, it was time...
...to, uhm, CLONE CeBe? Seriously, this is CeBe 4 years ago:
Other than having longer hair, they are identical.
Wasn't really looking to do that, Talya and I just knew we wanted a lab because CeBe has such a wonderful disposition, but when we saw an ad on craigslist with a 7 week old black lab puppy -- we had to at least look.
I know, I know - I didn't go the Pet Orphans route this time. I've saved a couple pups from them over the past 8 years and we went there to see if there were any fits for us, but there just wasn't. I wasn't gonna force the issue in an extremely happy household. We figured we'd take a look online and go back to Pet Orphans a couple weeks later to see if there were any new arrivals. Amazingly on the first page we found LeeLoo for $40 (no shots or anything) and it was hard not to jump at that. This kid's (20s) relatives had a litter and they gave him one, but he couldn't keep the pup in the apartment. <shrugs> Bottom line, for training and compatability purposes with CeBe, you can't beat a puppy. I knew we just saved a shitload of headaches.
I'm also not an ADOPT-AT-ALL-COSTS type of guy. I understand avoiding pet shops and illegal breeding situations, but some people will adopt the most INSANE animals (I really do love you mom) at the behest of all peacefulness in the home. That is never gonna be me. Float Downstream. ..
...and this landed in our laps. Just WOOKATHER:
I mean, was I really saying no once Talya saw that face? I had all these questions to ask and then I looked at the dog, looked at Talya's smile and just handed over the money. HA. Then of course was the first meeting with CeBe and I'll let the video take over from here...
CeBe is actually a much better "mother" than I thought she would be. Overnight she went from puppy to mother. It's bizarre. She's more like Roxy was now. She still plays, but is gentle and careful not to hurt the puppy and if she does get a yelp she immediately backs off and if we're close? She turns to us with her ears down as if to say:  "I'm sorry!". It's incredibly sweet. In fact, the first night she and LeeLoo slept together alone in the kitchen (Talya and my legs are oh so thankful to have the bed back) and there wasn't a peep out of 'em. Instant friends, instant buddies - CeBe's been needing this for a LONG time since Roxy died last summer. It was finally time to bring what is now the FOURTH dog into The Journey. For everyone to fall in love with and then watch die.
I mean, it's true. LOL. Any of you following this are just setting yourself up for the eventual heartbreak in a couple of years. I had people tell me the cried more for Shizzle in 2006 than their own pets. Something about the power of images and music. ANYWAY. This is a happy time, this is a happy year and we're introducing all sorts of characters and storylines that will set-up future developments. And finally, in the next entry, career stuff. Whew. It will have a few ounces of hardened defeatist reality in there, but will be wrapped up in some hope. All out pure hope will need a fuckton of outside help. In a couple of weeks, I just may have it. Entry in a couple days.
For now, it's puppy time.
PS - THE NAME. Duh. Sorry. LeeLoo is a character from The Fifth Element and the entry title refers to this wonderful scene. Such a wonderfully inventive and fun movie.