5:14 AM, Tuesday, February 25th, 2011:
I know I said this would be a Randoms Entry, and this could very well be a random - but after seeing this quote on Facebook last week I scribbled down this rant (scribbling in the 21st century being my iPad in the bathroom)...
(the video is a voice-over of the entry with pics - more fun than reading if ya have the means)
"Everything is a reflection of what you believe you deserve."
No. It fucking. Isn't.
I know I have ranted about this issue before, but I've never seen a quote so succinct that encompasses all of what is nauseating about people believing they control the entire universe. Sweet fuck people. This quote was part of a long rant on how everything is a representation of yourself, etc. Like my favorite - how your car looks speaks to how you treat yourself.
GODDDDDDDDDDD. No, it speaks to the fact that I have other shit to do, and making my car look pretty is about 27th on my list because I'm busy kicking ASS in other areas of my life. I just don't give a fuck the kind of car I drive, what it looks like... I just wanna get there. But anyway, I digress.
People, please listen. I know I can't sell any books saying this. I know no one wants to hear it and those that profess the opposite of what I'm about to say will undoubtedly profit a million times more than myself... but here it goes:
You can learn how to spot the pitch when it's released, you can learn how to hit the pitch, you can learn when to swing and when to wait... but if you spend your time trying to "positively think" the pitch you WANT? You're an IDIOT. Prepare for the outcomes and take the appropriate action. Stop thinking you control the universe. All it will do is fill your bookshelf with self-help books. GOD.
I know I'm gonna have to get over this annoyance 'cause it ain't goin' anywhere. There's obviously some truth to positive thinking (it will absolutely help you see your opportunities better), so it's bound to be extrapolated to the EXTREME to prey on the lost souls of the world... but goddamnit, this quote:  "Everything is a reflection of what you believe you deserve." is actually BAD for you. It's not harmless, it will actually cause you MORE stress unless you also possess the skill of rationalizing every failure as a positive-happy-thing. Which, come to think of it, is a trait ALL the zombie positive thinkers seem to possess. An absolute inability to take one on the chin, admit when they fucked up, and actually learn from it. They're so fixated on being happy, saying they're happy, painting silver linings - they never actually GROW. I often say I have a "lemonade life" because I always tend to make the best of bad situations but I admit they're fuckin' bad and I use my brain to think of what I did to get me there, and then think of ACTIONS I can take to make them better. I don't just sugar-coat every event.
And see, this comes back to the whole religion debate which I've avoided since my days in talk radio 'cause I don't think it helps anyone to slam their faith or religion (and believe me the whole "The Secret" crowd is most definitely a religion). It's that same starry-eyed, dazed, cult-like following of obsessive overly-positive thinking at all times no matter WHAT happens no matter how bad a situation is. Again, I don't want to slam that because I do honestly believe "Whatever Gets You Through The Night"... but quotes like the one I'm ranting against prey on the lost. It preys on the specifically hurting and searching among us... which, shit I guess religion does too. GRRRRRRR. You know, I wonder how I come off to those that have even a vague belief in religion? I mean, doesn't this make sense to them? Don't they see the OBVIOUS issue with the incessant need to believe there is some order and control in the universe, or is the alternative (that there is none) just too scary?
I have to believe it's the latter. I have to believe that it's my bizarre lack of fear that allows me to see this clearly and never doubt it. I am not saying there isn't a God, I'm simply saying I don't know. I just know thinking that we DO know (either way) is arrogant and foolish. Not knowing is the only thing we can be sure of and I have faith in THAT.
I know what it is. I KNOW WHAT IT IS! It's the lack of accountabilty of the believers that makes me FUCKING CRAZY. It's thanking your GOD when you win the game and not blaming him when you lose. It's pointing to your "positive thinking" when you're successful and not admitting that you were JUST as positive when you failed. People that don't do a site like "The Journey" have the ability to avoid ALL accountability by showing people the next shiny object. And as I said before, a positive outlook will indeed allow you to see the opportunites in front of you but everything comes from action. Doing. You can positively envision hitting a home run, but it takes a lot of hard work, practice and eventually action to beat the pitcher. And I guarantee you, no batters are spending their time trying to figure out how to will the pitcher to throw them a favorable pitch. They may change their stance, they may trick the pitcher into thinking they're gonna swing when they actually bunt, but inevitably they know there's only so many variables they control so they prepare for ALL outcomes. At the end of all of the preperation comes the one irrefutable truth: you have no control over what comes at you. You can only control how you deal with it.
Now, I'm gonna go wash my car because my mom is visiting tomorrow. And it has fuck all to do with how I feel about myself and everything to do with the age-old yearning to make-believe you "always live like this" when your mom comes to visit. Seriously, if people didn't visit my house I shudder at what it would look like.