video and entry ulocked on 04.02.11
5:04 PM, Monday, February 14th, 2011:
What a confusing week. I'm more certain than ever Talya is pregnant (as is her mother) and yet we have this video...
Huh? The problem is, she hasn't even missed her period yet (Wednesday) would be the start. So... what the FUCK?
Meanwhile her mom and I just kinda... know. The symptoms are so spot-on. It's been a nerve-wracking week and a half to say the least. As you can see from the video, I'm totally bummed it's negative. LOL. Talya is clearly just nervous/anxious. She isn't ready for this. At 26? Whew. This is a little frightening. I'm of course in a different ballpark when it comes to experience so my mind/soul/body knows this is the best possible situation for a kid I've ever been in. EVER. My biggest worry are if my knees will hold out long enough to play with a kid. So I'm like. LET'S GO.
So Wednesday we'll know... Sucks this is locked, doesn't it? However if she is, we'll be able to announce it on... April 1st. You just have to love Journey Timing.