2:36 PM, Friday, January 14th, 2011:
Oh this is wonderful. This is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to a realist. Is that what we're called now? The non-believers? I think that's our new monkier. Either way, this shit is so glorious it makes me want to believe in Jesus so I can praise him. Hell, this is like Jesus coming back and saying: "God was actually Judas, sorry."
You were adopted. It wasn't your baby. It IS your baby. You're an Ophiuchus. HAAAAAAAAAAAA.
You know the people who have been breaking down the last 24 hours, right? The ones that are so serious about it a tiny part of me is actually concerned for their safety. Reading these message boards are unbelieveable. People are losing their SHIT. "I WILL NEVER BE A LIBRA!!!" "I WAS A PERFECT CANCER! Now I'm a GEMINI!!! FUCK THAT BULLSHIT." "So Suddenly I am a Libra? What a joke." Oh THAT'S a joke to you? That it changed? Does it ever occur to any of the people losing their minds right now that you based your personality traits...
If you haven't heard yet some astronomers have figured out that we've been off on the earth's alignment and, well, oops - everyone is a different sign. Heh. I'm still laughing. Because this conversation has ACTUALLY happened to me when debating the people that put soooooooo much stock into astrology. I said, damn near quoting here: "What if you found out at 30 that you were a different sign? That you were actually born on a different day or you were reading the wrong chart this entire time?" And oh the defenses that would hurl back at me: "Then my traits would be different." Or my favorite excuse:  rising. Leo RISING. Gemini RISING. Bullshit RISING.
A long time ago, people ignorant to what the hell was in the sky wrote a bunch of goofy shit and it has been read, reread, written and rewritten for thousands of years. If you give a group of people one horoscope and TELL them it is their sign? A little bit will ALWAYS apply. Some people have the traits of their sign, some people don't. At all. It's entertainment people...
...but to the people that make a living off this? WHEW. They are scurrying, man. They are desperately graspin' at how to spin this shit into keeping sheep on the TEET of Astrology. Discounting this new information or jumping in with two feet and hoping everyone else joins. But those that actually believed are in complete denial. I mean, serious, serious denial. Of course I immediately thought of Hair. Ha.
Haaaaaaaaaaa. I guess making fun of these peeps is a little arrogant, 'cause my motto has always been "I don't know." - but when ideas and concepts are soooooooooooooo man-made, it's hard to not cast some judgment. Astrology is such an obvious human psychological need for order and control. I wonder if at any point in human evolution, the majority of the people will stop caring SO much about the order of things, and just live and be happy? I think about the things I've gone through the past 10 years and my mind reels at the amount of work it would've taken to fit it all into some religion. I guess in a way that's what I'm doing with "The Journey"... making all the events fit into a story-format, but it's for fun. It's cause it's entertaining to read. I know damn well that there are no Journey Gods with sceptors, I just like numbering stuff and pointing out the coincidences. FUN. For entertainment purposes only.
OK, I'm gonna get back to editing The Journey documentary (trying desperately to make it more fun than it actually is - ha) and hopefully the astrology-followers of the world can find a way to reconnect with their lives even though everything they thought was wrong. It is actually a bit unfortunate come to think of it...
...nah. It's funny. Ophiuchus. LMAO.