Entry #1109
8:06 PM, December 30th, 2010:
This internet thing is gonna be huge someday. Seriously.
So I'm certainly not a newbie to webcasting one-on-one... was doing it in 2000 with my father and have ever since. What I paid little attention to was now how easily you can broadcast to the entire world at the click of a button... and people can even watch on their FRIGGIN' PHONES. That absolutely hurts my brain it's so cool.
I've recently set up my computer ON my piano (easily the best computer set-up I've ever had) so now being able to play piano and webcast is simple... so one day I started messin' around on justintv.com and just started webcasting and singing. Little by little people trickled in and couldn't have been nicer. Several "what the hell are you doing on justintv.com?" and "I've seen a lot of people on this site, but nothing this good." I mean, with feedback like that, how can you not just keep singing. And singing.
And singing.
4 hours later I signed off and thought... "I don't care if I never get more than 10 people in my room, I enjoyed every second of that." The thing is? I've never been able to sing and play my originals in front of an audience. It's always been comedy. I've made close to 200 Journey songs yet they're all sung to a camera and uploaded later. Now, it's still words on a screen... but I'm tellin' ya - it's as fun as radio to me. The encouragement of other justintv.com broadcasters has made me want to do this regularly. Throw in the new show idea, songs on itunes... well, 2011 is shaping up before my eyes. So I thought I'd videotape the experience and share it on The Journey, because reading the chatroom at the same time is kinda fun. I apologize for the shaky camera on the chat, but I had to rest it on the piano which from time to time is rockin'... You can still get the idea though. I broke it up into 2 parts so you get a good feel for the show and all the goofy stuff in between... (try 720p for the resolution of your computer can handle it...)
The whiskey thing is funny - the camera wasn't running when I went and got it. Someone mentioned something about my music making them cry and want to drink, so I got the bottle of jack to drink with them. What we end up having is a video that looks like I always nonchalantly drink JACK from the bottle. Ha. Part 2 I do a bunch more tunes...
Kinda cool. Now my webcam certainly doesn't look that good, but I'm looking into a new one that can broadcast in HD. Some shows have realtime graphics and all sorts of shit which is pretty badass. I will certainly be looking into this. I mean, simply put? With songs on iTunes? It makes sense to play as much as humanly possible to try and get a buck or two here and there. It's like a 21st Century tip jar.
Alright, nearin' the end. I wanted to Have 2011 start with entry 1111 and it looks like I've accomplished that. In a little more than 24 hours I will say goodbye to what was easily the hardest year of my life. My fuck that is remarkable to type considering the amount of shit I have been through in the last 11 years.