Entry #1108
7:09 PM, December 29th, 2010:

It's not exactly like waiting for my very first CD to arrive when I was 20... but then again, what is? Nothing trumps the teenaged dreamer. Man, it was a thrill though - this video (with a kitten J-Dog!) is precious as hell to me... back when having 1000 CDs pressed was a big deal, and really, really expensive... (bwahahaha, the part in the video where I open the box, remove the cardboard, and there's another box is fuckin' classic)

...this is the 21st Century version of that I guess, and in some ways it's cooler. Worldwide distribution in an instant. I will make far less and spend far less (only $15 to put a song up and I get 60¢ per download), but I am officially on iTunes:
It's funny, I never even owned an iPod until I bought the iPad for my iPad Comic routine, so I had never touched iTunes... but it is the entire music industry right now, and more than trying to sell downloads? I just wanted my name to pop up in iTunes if you searched for it. That alone was worth the $15 to me. I also put up "Let Them Drown" but for whatever reason, it's not coming up yet. Strange, since Naive Again showed up 3 days ago and I put both of them up at the same time. For those wondering how I did it, I chose CDBaby.com. You can't just upload directly to iTunes, you have to use middle-man sites. A bit of a racket, but Apple is smart to do it this way, because everyone wins - and then... no one is trying to take out iTunes. As for where to gi, it seems it's between CDBaby.com and Tunecore.com as far as the best ways to go about getting your stuff on iTunes. Tunecore gives you a slightly bigger cut of each download (70¢ vs. 60¢) but charges a yearly fee of $10 per song. That may add up for me, so I just went with CDBaby.com. Also, CDBaby.com puts your song on EVERY freaking possible site for free, whereas Tunecore charges a buck per site. CDBaby.com will also deal with your physical CDs if ya wanna sell those too. Pretty cool. I was also pretty pumped that they chose one of the two songs I put up to put on the front of their site...
Pretty cool, huh? Who know I could get so many smiles for just $15? Heh.  Oh and the $15 comes from the whole barcode scam <rolls eyes>. It's only $10 to put your song up, but then you have to include a barcode which they'll assign you for only $5 if you don't have one. I get it for physical media, but sorry... that's just a scam for digital downloads. There's already an "ICSP" number assigned to it for free, so the barcode thing is just a nice little hidden fee. However, if you put an album up - it's only $40 and $20 for the barcode. It's a better deal, which I may do in the future... but this was just a way to get me up there and searchable.
Doin' the math, I need to sell 25 downloads to even break even, so chances are... this won't make me any money - but again, that's not the point. If I'm gonna play live, people will want to put the songs I perform on their iPods. Ya just kinda have to be available. Also, I've been giving away mp3s for over a decade now... and it's just kinda stupid. I don't think any of the people I gave them to wouldn't have given me 99¢ for it, I just didn't have a system set up. Now I will. Simple as that. Oh weird, I'm on Napster already...
Who knew that site was even still around? Crazy.
So as I said in the video... 99¢ isn't a lot of dough, but it would really help me. I know the song is kinda tear-jerky... but it's good to have a few of those in rotation. I know my Tom Waits mp3s got worn the fuck out this year. :-)
And look at that... we're at the end of the year. One more entry before the big year-ender (wow, also music related) and a celebration forthcoming to mark the end of this horrible, rotten, no-good, very bad year.
Adi-fuckin-os 2010.