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11:59 PM, November 26th 2010:
Maybe it's normal to do this, but everything that happens with my father I look at through the future glass of me going through it in 25 years. So turnin' 60 just makes me wanna ask him a whole bunch of questions so I can see what life is like through his eyes.
So when I bought the ticket to attempt the Thanksgiving, 60th birthday, Jess n' Jeff's baby trifecta, I told him awhile back that the day of his birthday I wanted to make a video. Didn't know exactly what I was gonna do but something including him talking, maybe playing music, who knows. He has a new band, but they're on a bit of a hiatus so there was no chance to get any footage of them playing out somewhere... but that really wasn't what I was looking for. Something more intimate and one on one.
Then I remembered what we used to do 15-20 years ago: record music.
I'd bring him a song and we'd piece together the parts and end up with...an actual song. Still seems like magic to me somehow. And something really unique to be able to do with your father. We stopped doing it because I eventually had my own equipment at WTVN and CD101 and then of course I went to LA... Hadn't made a song from scratch with since the mid-90s, and since there isn't one second of the day that I don't have a song in my head, or working on lyrics, it seemed like it would be pretty simple...
It was. Almost all first takes and with no concern for a highly polished finish product. Just one that was completed from start to finish on November 26th, 2010. When I get back to LA I'll make an actual music video with the full song explaining what it means, etc., this video will be more about the day and the interviews within. Unfortunately my father's computer software can't handle HD so the finished video may have to wait until I get back to LA, but I wanted to write this on the day.
Now, the "Cameron" in me is saying: "Oh, you made your dad spend his birthday helping YOU make a song? Nice.". (sigh) There's a method to my madness...
In LA I originally started doing a big video about his life, but it felt way too much like he was dead. And then, in thinking of actually shooting something in Columbus with him, I wanted to avoid the "This is Your Life" aspect, again, the man isn't dead. I also didn't want to just show him playing the keyboard (he is so far ahead of me musically it's astounding), 'cause I have video of that. I wanted something that was personal, for US. Something about our relationship. Him helpin' me put somethin' together is 100% us. He completely got me into making videos as a kid, then Slick Tracy as a teen and eventually recording music. Returning the favor however is something I can rarely do. I was able to with moments at CBS when I put him on Adam & The Egos, and actually flying him out to NY to be on the Early Show (though that was all his doing - ha check this out)..
I adore this picture. 'Cause they called for Madeline Edward's family (winner of Living Room Live) to come up for the final shot and my dad just OWNED that shit and jumped in too. LOL. Chip off the young block! HA. Can't even express how proud I am to have been able to do that for him. That's why making it and being successful means so much to me. It means I have the ability to properly thank those that have supported me. When I'm not? Can't do any of that. My birthday gift is the $300 plane ticket for ME to get home. <shakes head>. I desperately want to do more... but I just can't.
I will have to say though, I have handed over every ounce of knowledge with computers, graphics, editing that I possibly can to him and you know what? He really rocks at it. He's got a full-time 9-5 doin' all sorts of creative stuff at a company that is thrilled with what he can pull off. That's really makes me feel good that I've had a hand in bringing him into the 21st Century and honestly? I know of no one his age that soaks it up so fast or is so willing to learn new shit. We are quite identical in that respect.
Talking about the day I was born is very important for me to have on tape. It's obviously something that was burned into my head at a young age because of the reaction of family members when I asked about it. Every single one looked as if it was so traumatic they barely wanted to talk about it. That stuck with me as a kid. As I got older I remember being pissed that they didn't sue someone for doing a C-Section 6 weeks early (if not more, we'll never know), but something about hearing this story now with Jess and Jeff going through concerns over the birth... I get it: your kid is alive, your kid is healthy - THANK GOD, MOVE ON. And bottom line? Suing hopsitals/doctors was not something poor people did in the 70s. Not even an option. Being poor and striving my whole life has made me who I am, so I just don't give it another thought...
...I will however, never let down on the "why the fuck is your car so clean" take with my father. It's goofy people. His cars look so good you get angry. Inside and out, it's absolutely remarkable. That car is over 10 years old, and you would need a magnifying glass to spot any evidence of that. The video is so awesome... him actually describing how to wash his car when it's freezing outside like this is COMMON. HA.
So happy birthday pop. It was a fun way to spend the day. Hope you enjoy the video. :-)
PS - Am I allowed to make fun of the mullet? I think I am.