Entry #1095
3:32 PM, November 17th 2010:
Seriously, they never are. You stamp on them outside, but would never want that actually in your house.
Why do people desperately need quotes? Ever wonder about that? In an effort to explain the same thing over 5 or 6 times, you have no choice but to start using symbolism and inevitably you start making quotes. The doormat one is a prime example. You can say until you're blue in the face: "If you let someone walk all over you, they will never respect you", but it doesn't resonate. You say "Doormats are never let in the house..." it's like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH that's DEEEEEEEEEEP. <rolling eyes> no it isn't. It's exhaustion. It's like explaining algebra to a horse. When you finally find a way to connect with the person, you're happy - but you're a bit frustrated 'cause you said it all before in plain english... yet the Jack Handey method rings true.
<shakes head>
So "quotes" (putting that in quotes is just awesome) annoy me. Even if I succumb to them from time to time. Which in reality? Is all songwriting is. Tiny quotes that rhyme. This time however, I started writing an entry, and wrote out bullet points that had no rhyme whatsoever. Then I put those to music. And we get this:
In case you were wondering...
The woman for me, is a Frankenstein of parts, that I don't believe exist.
--- But I'll sing to all of you anyway.
You were the worst you, and I was the worst me... at least we have that in common.
The dawn of a new day, was the dawn of a new Donna... except she actually stopped talking long enough to see the mirror.
---and I kinda still love her for that.
Bad year for you? Have you ever considered what a really bad year it was for him?
And you, I actually love you, but its never gonna be me. Run. With my blessing run.
---'Cause your Frankenstein still probably exists.
Teen angel, did I hear you correctly, it all worked out well? Nicely done.
And you, you're kinda dangerous... Unassuming and inviting. But does class warfare still exist?
Pretty girl, if someone ever talked to me like that I'd re-enact the squirrel song and leave them.
---Doormats are never let in the house.
Ed! Sparkler boy.
Heavenly, Mr. Right is probably closer than you think, but he's like a ghost in Super Mario World.
---If you look for him, he disappears.
Lovely you have the power, but you hand it ALL over to God. Tweak the percentages, you'll surprise yourself.
The woman im closest to is having another man's baby, and Im OK with that.
---in fact i'm flying out to share the moment.
---part of me thinks that's kinda stupid.
---but part of me lives for moments like that.
And no, of course I'm not telling anyone what it means. They're private moments that I can make public because of how vague and inside the lines are. It's kind of a cool way to communicate. I will however share "Sparkler Boy" with all of you...
Ya know how some movies get better the more times you see it? It's the same with this picture. And I can barely think of it without wetting myself now. And I can't really explain it, it's actually a horrifying picture and the kid looks damn near identical to me when I was a pup, but it's so goddamned funny to me I can barely finish this paragraph while it's on my screen. In fact, I need to put some space between us.
OK, that's better. I can only see his feet now. Though, damnit that's even funny...
Alright. But yeah, I laughed so hard over that picture this weekend it felt like I had done crunches. The hands, the expression, the almost flippant reaction from the adult bordering on intentional? I can just hear the scene now as he hands it to the kid:  "Whatever you do, don't drop the sparkly part on your toes." And then...
BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Ouch, ouch. OK. To those who remember "Laughing Lester" from The Boyles days I am becoming that man. I'll help you if you're hurt, but I will laugh if it was funny. A bunch.
So yeah, the song. As I said, just a stream of thoughts that I was writing on the plane (I flew to Arizona to help some friends install a home theater system. It freaking rocks). I don't mean it to be preachy, and they're all passing thoughts. Subject to change the more information I have (some have even changed in the time since I've uploaded the video and am writing this), but the point is... it's a nice way to lock-in feelings and thoughts in a public manner, while at the same time being completely anonymous to those involved. Not the easiest thing to do, but a fun little challenge.
These are the days of our lives...