Entry #1092
8:35 PM, November 3rd 2010:
Hello fellow readers of Adam's blog of woe. I've decided to take over for an entry 'cause every now and then you receive a gift so precious, that it can't be kept to yourself. I shall share it with you now...
Oh my freaking GOD is right. I posted this still on Facebook:
Adam is none too pleased. In fact, he's IMing me right now.
Adam4tvs: What the fuck dude.
Cam4tvs: yes?
Adam4tvs: You used the other model as a SPY?
Cam4tvs:  she seemed more than happy to help.
Adam4tvs: Do NOT make this a Journey video.
Cam4tvs: oh, don't worry - she blurred out the little part. heh.
Adam4tvs: Cute. Seriously, I will never hear the end of this.
Cam4tvs:  did you really think those pictures weren't going to be public?
Adam4tvs: The pictures were for an art produce.
Cam4tvs: ?
Adam4tvs:  FUCKING IPAD. Art Project.
Cam4tvs: well, I'll post this conversation too, so add whatever you'd like.
Adam4tvs: Goddamnit Cam.
Cam4tvs: is that it?
Adam4tvs: (sigh) Uhm, the photographer photographed RINGO STARR and GEORGE HARRISON and even lived for a week with Ringo and Maureen in the 70s. She needed a model, how could I possibly say no to that?
Cam4tvs: ok, woah. that's pretty cool brother. i had no idea. i actually feel bad for making fun of you now... no wait, I DONT. Ha.
Adam4tvs: Dick, I'm sure there's a BOARD GAME convention or some shit going on... do you really have to post that video?
Cam4tvs: Of course I do. And that's next week. :-)
Adam4tvs has signed off.
Alright, so I'm actually legitimately impressed with the Beatles stuff. I would've jumped at that too. Damn, now I can't keep making fun of him...
...yeah I can. He didn't have to look like a douche doing it. Hahahaha. Anyway, I thought you would all enjoy this because he'll probably end up showing you some insanely photoshopped super-contrasty pictures so him wiggling his ASSSSSSSSS will only be seen HERE.
Good times.
PS - I had an audition for M&Ms today. Both Gary and I have beaten Adam to auditions now. Dig it.