Entry #1089
3:04 AM, October 25th 2010:
At what point does one deviate their path from a parent?
It's an interesting question considering my father is also a singer/songwriter. I haven't exactly pinpointed that moment for us, but something tells me that at 35 years old? This song wouldn't have entered my father's brain.
Nope, just not seein' that come out of my father when I was 10 years old. Really disturbing to think of how much this song would've scarred me had I heard my father record this.
<boggles the mind>
So how on earth did I come up with this?
Man, can I say it just came to me without concerns about my mental state? I was riding around earlier this year with ***** on Vanowen heading east in the Valley. I just sang the first line. I mean, I just did. Maybe she was arguing with me and that was my cute way of being horribly rude in asking her to be quiet? LMAO - I have no idea, but I just started singing it.
And singing it.
And singing it.
I couldn't get the melody out of my head, and thought about how funny it would be to record it... except I just couldn't. It was sooooo dirty and actually was even worse in the car. So I sat on it for months (while still singing it) and then it hit me. What makes it so dirty is that it's CATCHY and you may sing that opening line in an inappropriate place. I imagined labeling it NSFW (not safe for work) but Paddy listening anyway ('cause he has headphones at work) thinking he got away with something... unaware that it had just been burned on his brain and an hour or so later at the water cooler he'd catch himself singing it to a female co-worker completely unaware that anything graphic came out of his mouth. That made me laugh much more than the song itself...
...and with that "The NSFW Song" was born. There will eventually be a second bit portraying the work scenario I just described but I wanted to get this video up and running for a bit first. Your first instinct is that it could be a viral hit but honestly? It really is NSFW and not a whole lot of sites are going to showcase it... so it would have to be COMPLETELY viral and underground. These days you're not goin' too far without some type of push first. You never know though. One person tweets it... It may just takeoff by itself. Now is the fun part:  watchin' and sharin'.
What I won't be doing however, is skydiving later this morning. Cloudy/Rainy streak of the century in LA right now and we simply aren't cleared for takeoff. Sucks for me, but it gave me time to put this together. You win some, you get my nuts in your mouth.