Entry #1086
4:27 PM, October 16th 2010:
You know I was saying the title of this entry to myself before I ever realized the play on "There's Something About Mary". It's true though. He's just grey enough to be special. And once you get to know him? One face says it all...
Tha brotha that tries too goddamn hard. For reference, he can actually pull it off if he just calms down...
But he never does, and always ends up being the clown. You root for him though. Since he is now going on auditions (story after the video) it was time to make his acting reel. Talk about a labor of love.
GODDDDDDDDDDDD how I miss doin' the Egos. Those very simple dialogue scenes? They feel so real to my brain. I know it must come off arrogant as BALLS for me to say, but those guys are NOT me. They are very real, very different people and I get lost in the moments hoping they'll continue onto something I don't know yet. It's trippy. 'Cause the scenes are soooooooooo mellow and not "campy". Just guys chillin' and talking. Whew... anyway...
So Gary ended up getting the very first audition at my new agency (Rogers Orion) and it was for a national TGIFridays commercial. WOOT. It called for a "Kevin Federline with cornrows" type, and, well... hot damn. So again, I sign in as Gary, they know me as Gary - there is no Adam Kontras. Gary has his own casting accounts and everything. However, when I downloaded the sides it said the part was a short-bald dude. One of the lines is even "Ooooh, he's bald." I was assured it was right and when I got there? Only guy in the room dressed like a wannabe gangsta. Guys in suits, bald guys... it was pretty comical. Everyone kinda smiled at me and I even said "Ever feel like you've walked into the wrong audition?". Ends up the casting peeps were looking for a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiide range of "mismatched" guys for a pretty "girl-next-door" type to be paired up with.
And I soooo got to kiss the pretty girl. How fun is this? And incredibly RARE for a first audition. They tend to push all that until it's down to final callbacks, but I was not going to complain. A real kiss to boot. The director just said "totally up to you guys how far you want to go, talk to each other and see what you're comfortable with". She was cool, I was cool... and thank GOD because any awkardness when you're paired up with an acting partner? Hell. If there isn't instant believeable comfort with each other? Both people look bad. And that's even harder with a kiss. It's one of those - one-shot, hope you both go the right ways on cue and it looks natural. It really did work perfect in one-take and I'll be honest? I believed her. Oh had I not been dressed like a douche-bag? I'd have talked to her afterwards. LOL. And yeah, I don't care what actors say? If you're in a relationship while doing an on-screen kiss or love scene? Oh it's kinda like really making out. They all say the correct "oh, there's a crew of people, lights, it's totally unsexy..." whatever. I mean, it's part of the job and any mate would understand that if they are with that person... but it is intimate. Especially since I have always been the actor-type that just IS the person for the moments of the scene. I kinda lose myself in the character and if I really know the character? I don't think about body language or speech patterns, etc... it just happens subconciously. And with the Egos it's an absolute no-brainer. I'm there instantly. So yeah, any future girlfriends/wives? Sorry, it feels like I'm getting away with something and it's kinda fun. This will probably never come up again, but I just had to throw that out there.
And it must've worked because I got a callback and just came back from it actually and it again went really well. The one problem however? I cannot express just how different the guys still auditioning are. There was a muscle bound 50 year old guy, a guy who looked like the star-wars kid, a mullet-wearin' bald guy... the most drastically different types you can imagine. I even joked that it felt like we were gonna be on a reality show. Beauty and the Geeks or something. And trying as much as possible to be unbiased here? The character of Gary isn't exactly unnattractive. In fact, you can see several pretty girls picking a "bad-boy" type. In the end? That's probably gonna kill my chances because the point of the "date" they go on - is that they're horribly matched, but because of the great atmosphere of Fridays, they get married (inset personal Adam marriage joke here). So it's far funnier to me, if I'm casting this, to pick the craziest mismatch possible. So I'm not holding my breath for this one, but I did have a ball and make the people laugh in the audition and that's good. And I saw no one else like me left so clearly - I owned the "wannabe gangsta" look - just a matter of the direction they go. I'll find out Monday...
...the same day I'm jumping out of a plane.
<sorry mom>
Entry tomorrow explaining the madness.